Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind (Book Review)

A twenty-year veteran of the classroom, elementary school teacher Phillip Done takes readers through a lively and hilarious year in the classroom. Starting with the relative calm before the storm of buying school supplies and posting class lists, he shares the distinct personalities of grades K-4, what he learned from two professional trick or treating 8-year-old boys, the art of learning cursive and letter-writing, how kindergartners try to trap leprechauns, and what every child should experience before he or she grows up.

These charming, sweet, and funny tales of Mr. Done’s trials and triumphs as an award-winning schoolteacher will touch readers’ hearts and remind them of the true joys of childhood. We all have that one special, favorite grade school teacher whom we fondly remember throughout our adult lives – and every teacher also has students whom they will never forget. This is the perfect book for teachers, parents, and anyone else who is looking for a lighthearted, nostalgic read.

My Review of Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind
I recently received a copy of Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind, and decided that it would be the perfect book to take along on our recent vacation. I knew I’d have a lot of downtime, and I needed something that would lift my spirits and make me smile. After all, I was going to be stuck in a car for 11+ hours with 5 kids. I either needed a really good book, or a really good therapy session.

Luckily, this book did the trick. From the first page, I was hooked. I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting – on my first night of vacation! I couldn’t put it down! As a former day-care teacher, and having worked with many, many children over the years, I could totally relate to most of the things Philip Done talked about in the book. (Oh, and if you’re wondering, his name rhymes with phone. He has one of those easy to mispronounce names just like I do!)

The book is set up to cover a school year – from August to June. Phil Done takes his readers on a journey of exactly what life is like in a classroom. Every teacher, and every parent should read this book. (And then every parent should go out and buy their child’s teacher a really great Christmas present this year. You may want to skip the “World’s Greatest Teacher” mugs this year.)

In all honesty, this was a great book. I throughly enjoyed it, and will be passing it along to a special teacher in my life. I know that she will get a kick out of it, and it will teach her all the things about teaching – and children that only another teacher could tell.

If you need a smile, or want to pass along a smile to a teacher or anyone who works with kids, this book is would make the perfect gift. Click here to find out where to purchase a copy (or two!) of Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind. You can also order the book on, and it’s on sale right now for just $15.63. Fantastic price for such a great book! (And well within your teacher-budget, right?)

Disclaimer: A representative of the Hachette Book Group sent me a copy of Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind to get my honest and candid review of the book.

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