Come vote for my Christmas tree!

I never, ever win the contests where voting is involved. Personally, I hate them, and think they are all rigged. Honestly.

But, I’d REALLY like to win this gift for my husband. We all know how bad the economy is, and Gene and I have decided not to exchange gifts this year so that we can get the kids a few things. However, if I *win* the gift, technically, I haven’t paid for it, so he can’t get upset. 😉 I just know he’d really love to have this. He works the night stock crew at a local store, and the music they play over and over is horrid. With this, he can listen to whatever he wants. I’d really like to win it and give him a nice surprise this year, since he’s surprised me plenty of times in the past.

Click here to vote for our tree. We’re #20.

Thanks for taking the time to vote for us. I certainly appreciate it!!!

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    John and I never exchange gifts. The first giftmas that we were together, we gave each other gift cards worth the same amount. What’s the point? After that, we were married, and had the same bank account. Our first giftmas married, he taunted me that he had gotten my present and wasn’t telling me what it was. I said, I may not know what it is, but I know where you got it, and I know how much it cost. Now, we just do things for each other. It’s better…

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    Angie Vinez says:

    Ah, see? That’s why Gene and I always used cash to get each other’s gifts. LOL. We do stuff for each other all year long. We usually make Christmas special and get the other person something little that they’ve been wanting. I may still find a way to sneak in a gift… if I can get a few more orders in! 🙂

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