Crafty Ladies, Help Me Out!

And by crafty, I mean “those who make crafts” and not “skillful in underhand or evil schemes.” I’m already good at that. 🙂

Vacation Bible School is quickly approaching, and I will be teaching the class of 12 year olds. Our theme this year is RBP’s Polar Extremes. It’s a winter theme, obviously.

Here’s my problem: Every year, the classes try to WOW the kids by having a totally decked out room. Last year, we did a dinosaur theme, and that was easy. I used fake flower vines and the boys’ little dinosaurs. It was great!

This year, I am struggling for ideas, and I’m running out of time! Not to mention, I have the WORST room for decorating this year. I have the Missionary Room, so I have to deal with 2 full size beds, a couch, and a love seat being in there. It’s really complicating things.

I’ve already grabbed all of the kids “winter” stuffed animals. We don’t have as many as I thought we did. And, I came up with another idea: I make really cute little penguin clippies for little girls, so I took that idea and made a great big ribbon penguin. I’m going to cover the love seat with my white fleece backdrop cloth, and then I’ll tack the ribbon penguins to it. Cute, right?

BTW – that’s the ribbon penguin I came up with. he’s about 6 inches tall. I just adore him.

Sure, but I need more. What other ideas (ahem, CHEAP ideas being the key) can you all come up with? I really want to impress these tweens by having the coolest room around.

Give me your input. Simple or extravagant, I want to hear it! Help me make this the best VBS yet!

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    Well since you have to deal with furniture in your room, you could make your room look like it is the inside of an igloo. Make the entrance to the room look like the front of an igloo–you could even have them crawl through the smaller door by creating a tunnel of sorts. That’s all I could come up with on the fly. I’ll have to think about it more.

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    Kimberly says:

    The furniture could become glaciers or snow capped mountains. Either cover with white sheets or something of that sort. Cut out paper snow flakes to hang from the ceiling… JJ, Z, and Ash can help you with those. I can see what I have stuffed animal wise at my parents that could help you out. Or maybe like a ski lodge… not really sure on anything there, but just an idea.

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    Danielle says:

    I know I have a million ideas, but for some reason, my mind is blanc. Why don’t you put it on your facebook status? Someone is bound to have an idea…

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    The white sheet idea for an igloo is great. You can also deck it out with some camping gear (borrowed) to make it look like a polar expedition to the North Pole.

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