Crazy pregnancy cravings & aversions

Most people have them. Sometimes they’re weird, other times, not so weird.

For example, with my first pregnancy, I only wanted ice cream. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t want. 😉

With my second, I wanted root beer floats ALL the time. Hubby was always kind enough to make sure we had caffeine free root beer and vanilla ice cream in the house. With this pregnancy, I absolutely could not stand the sight or smell of cucumbers. (Which is crazy, because I LOVE cucumbers!)

My third pregnancy, I had to have eggs. Deviled, scrambled, hard boiled, it didn’t matter. I just had to have them. I had the same aversion to cucumbers that I had with the second pregnancy.

With my fourth pregnancy, it was Taco Bell. I’d make hubby drive thru for dinner several times a week. As for aversions, I really didn’t have any. Must be something about carrying a girl that makes me want to eat!

With this pregnancy, I want tomatoes. ALL THE TIME. On salad, on grilled cheese, on baked potatoes, everything. I can’t eat a tomato like an apple, but I sure want them on everything! As for aversions, right now it’s to anything that smells. Smells are just killing me right now. The kids were eating doritos the other night and I had to make them put them away. I just couldn’t take the smell!

Ok, so there’s mine. It’s your turn! Tell me your crazy cravings or aversions during pregnancy!

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    Danielle says:

    It was cantaloupe for me. My pregnancy was just, all cantaloupe, all the time. It was everything. I had disliked it my whole life, and when she was born, I went back to disliking it again.

    Aversions- When I was pregnant, my boss’s cologne smelled like off bug spray. When I came back, it smelled great. It was the same cologne.

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    Josh & Sarah says:

    Oh, Angie, reading this makes me want to be pregnant again. And I really don’t want to be pregnant right now! (my youngest will be one in 2-1/2 weeks) I think that it was your root beer float paragraph that got me. 🙂 With all three of my pregnancies, I craved apples and root beer, but not at the same time. With an occasional “gotta have pepperoni pizza now” thrown in! btw: came here via your link on the bow forum – mommyofhcm 🙂

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