December 17th

A couple of good ones from the kids today:

Zander and Jace were talking about the Justice League cartoon that’s on Cartoon Network. Zander told all of us that Superman is the boss of the Justice League. Jace asked him what happened when they were kids. (In an episode on Saturday, the members of the Justice League got turned back into kids.) Zander told Jace, “Superman was still the boss, because I heard him say something grown-uppy to them.”

My MIL got a new dog yesterday, because her dog died during the night on Saturday night. The new dog’s name is Underdog and is a 4 year old hound mix from the local shelter. (VERY good dog. It was so good with the kids tonight.) The kids met the dog for the first time this evening before church. The boys were standing by him talking, and I heard Jace say, “Look how big his thing is!” Now, he was talking about his tail, but it had us all rolling with laughter. I know, I know. We have gutter minds.

We all got in the car to go to church later, and Jace told my MIL, “Maw Maw, you know you’re going to have to make underdog a costume, right? You’re his owner. That’s what Underdog’s owner did in the movie.”

When we got to church, the boys couldn’t stop talking about Underdog. I overheard Zander telling one of his little friends, “Maw Maw got a new dog. His name is Underdog. He’s not a super-dog, though. He’s just a really big regular dog.”

On the way home from church, Zander asked my MIL, “Maw Maw, will you ever be un-blind?” MIL told him that when she gets to heaven, she’ll be able to see again. He said, “No, I mean while you’re still here. Can they give you new eyes since yours are broken?”

Maybe Zander will be the one to find the cure for her blindness. You just never know.
Sorry for the long post! I had some catching up to do, and the kids were really on a roll tonight!

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    Sometimes I try to say things that are grown uppy but it doesn’t always help me. LOL. Too cute.

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