December 9th (and a few extras)

I’ve been so bad about getting on here and posting! Sorry about that!

Here are a few… they won’t catch me up completely, but it’s a start:

Tonight, Zander and I ran to Walmart (along with Parker). On the way home, we had the following conversation:

Z: Mom, I wonder why God didn’t let us meet Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus.
Me: Well, honey, they lived a very long time ago.
Z: Well, where are they now? I know Jesus became a man, and died and rose again, and he’s in heaven building houses, but where are Mary and Joseph?
Me: They died, honey, and they’re in heaven, too.
Z: So we’ll get to see them when we’re in heaven?
Me: Yep.
Z: The REAL Mary and Joseph?
Me: Yep. The real people!
Z: How long ago did they die?
Me: Around 2,000 years ago. I’m not sure.
Z: How old were you?


Last night, we had homemade cream of potato soup for dinner. As we were serving it and bringing it to the table, Zander said, “You know, what’s good for grown-ups isn’t always good for kids.” Nice try!

The other day, we put our Nativity Scene under our tree. Baby Jesus isn’t in the manger, yet, as he arrives on Christmas morning. This threw Lulu for a loop. She spent 2 hours walking around the house saying, “Baby Jesus! Where are you? Baby Jesus! Come here! I have your bed! Baby Jeeeeeeeee-sus!” Very sweet.

Jace and Gene ran to the grocery store the other night. Before they left, I handed Jace a quarter and told him that if he was good, he could get something from the little machines. He looked me square in the eyes and said, “Mom, I’m always good when I’m not with you!”

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    Well Angie did you tell him how old you were? That is so funny! I can remember thinking my parents were ancient when I was a kid and now mine think that of me. I remember when I thought 20 was old, then 30. Now I am over 30 and think there is no real such thing as being old. Only in body not in spirit.

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