Dinosaur Train is All New This Week!

I’ve posted before how much my kids just love Dinosaur Train, and how excited we were when the new series started.

We have faithfully watched Dinosaur Train this season, and we love it. Lucy even has a few of the episodes memorized now. She can even sing the entire theme song, and usually does – several times a day. It’s very cute, and I love that she loves the show so much.

This week, May 24th – 27th, four all-new episodes will air this week on PBS Kids. (Be sure to check your local listings for times.) Thanks to the Jim Henson Company, my kids and I got a sneak peek at these new episodes. Here’s a quick synopses to get you as excited about the new episodes as we are:

  • Pteranodon Family World Tour; Gilbert the Junior Conductor – The entire Pteranodon family embarks on a roaring, exploring, World Tour Adventure! Then, the fun continues with Gilbert, the Conductor’s nephew, the tour guide as they spend the entire day with him.
  • Confusciusornis Says; Tiny’s Tiny Doll – The next stop on the Dinosaur Train World Tour is at Conuciousornis Gardens. There, they meet a very old, very wise dinosaur. During a stop on the tour, Tiny accidentally leaves her favorite doll behind. It takes several new dinosaurs to return it to her from the Velociraptor Valley.
  • Iggy Iguanodon; Shiny Can’t Sleep – Continuing their world tour in this episode, the Pteranodon family meets Iggy Iguanodon. He’s a great big 4-legged chap who shows them his unique style of walking. During the world tour, Shiny gets homesick and has a hard time falling asleep on the train. Mrs. Conductor and Dad help her discover all the wonderful nighttime surprises on the Dinosaur Train.
  •  Kenny Kentrosaurus; Don and the Troodons – The World Tour continues, and the Pteranodon family travels to Africa where they meet a Stegosaur named Kenny Kentrosaurus. Then, the family oversleeps and has to hurry to make another guided walk on their tour.

Don’t miss the fun this week on Dinosaur Train! We’ve got the DVR set, because the episodes air while we’re homeschooling, so the kids are all looking forward to seeing the brand new episodes of Dinosaur Train! Check your local listings, and find out when these fantastic new episodes are airing in your area.

Oh, and one more thing! There are 2 new games being featured on the PBS KIDS website. Right now, you can try out Dinosaur Tracks – a great game that teaches kids all about patterns. Buddy and his friends make tracks in the mud, and your kids help them figure out which footprint comes next. Also launching this month is the All Aboard Game. This is the game that we’re most excited about. It will give kids the opportunity to control the Dinosaur Train by being a “junior conductor.” They’ll seat different types of dinosaurs as the train moves from station to station.

As a parent, there’s nothing more important than knowing my kids are learning all the time. Dinosaur Train is such a fantastic way for my kids to have fun and learn all about dinosaurs. Get your kids excited about learning by tuning into the all-new episodes of Dinosaur Train this week on PBS KIDS!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a member of the Jim Henson Company about the new episodes of Dinosaur Train. I was sent a press DVD to preview the new episodes in my home. The DVD in no way influenced my opinion, and was merely used to get our honest review. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

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