Disney on Ice: Celebrations! (Review)

I know I’ve been talking about Disney On Ice for weeks. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to take the kids to the show.

Mom Central gave us tickets to Opening Night here in Atlanta. Not only did we get the tickets, but we got to experience some behind-the-scenes action as well!

We were supposed to arrive around 5pm. After being told (by many, many people) that it was going to be a nightmare of a drive, we decided to leave our house around 1:30 in the afternoon. We ended up being in our parking spot in Atlanta before 3:30! Of course it was raining and totally cruddy outside, so walking around Centennial Park was out. We ended up heading into the CNN Center, checking out the Cartoon Network store, and just waiting. It was no big deal, though. The kids were all so excited about what was going to happen that no one seemed to mind waiting.

A little bit after 5, a rep from Feld Entertainment took us (and lots of other mom bloggers!) up to a special room inside the Philips Arena. They gave us a gift bag full of goodies, and we chatted it up with some other mom bloggers and their families. Then, we got to meet Mickey Mouse! The kids were all thrilled – all but Parker, that is. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with Mickey. (As you can see in the picture below!) After snapping a few photos with “the” mouse, we headed back to our table. There we got to meet more characters from the show, they just weren’t in costume. Jace about died when he found out he was talking to the guy who played “Buzz” in the show. For the rest of the night, that was all he talked about. They let the kids ask questions, and we all talked about the characters in the show and how exciting it would be to see them. The kids thought it was great!

After some yummy snacks and a great video presentation from Feld Entertainment, we headed down to our seats. I couldn’t believe how close we were! The kids just sat there in awe at how big the ice rink was. I’ve never seen them so still!

After awhile, and our fill of Cotton Candy and soda, the lights went down, and the show started. Lucy leaned all the way forward, eyes and mouth wide opened.

And then it happened.

I cried. I mean I really, really cried! I couldn’t stop the tears. There were my kids, watching something as amazing as Disney on Ice for the very first time. The looks on their faces, and knowing how excited they were – well, I just got completely emotional! I couldn’t help it. But I have to thank Mom Central and Feld Entertainment for making it all possible.

As the show went on, Lucy got more and more excited. She cheered, she clapped, she yelled when they asked us to. It was like she was in Heaven on Earth. The boys never moved. They sat in their seats with their eyes glued to the ice. You could see their little minds just trying to take everything in. Ashley seemed excited, too. She smiled and laughed and seemed to have a really great time. And Parker, well, he slept. The entire time. Through all the noise, the lights, and everything else, he was out. I couldn’t believe it!

The show was absolutely amazing! All of the characters were in it, and it was non-stop fun from beginning to end. We all enjoyed every second of it, and we were so sad when it ended!

Here are just a few (of the 350+) pictures I took that I wanted to share:

A big thanks again to Mom Central and Feld Entertainment for a night that we will never forget!

If you’re in Atlanta, the show closes tomorrow, but you should definitely try to go if you can. I promise it will be worth it!

If you’re not in Atlanta, there are still lots of Disney on Ice shows playing around the country!

Wherever you are, check this link to see if a show is coming to your area, and get fantastic discounts courtesy of Mom Central: Disney on Ice Shows & Discount Codes

What an amazing night!

Disclaimer: Mom Central gave my family tickets to see the show as a thanks for promoting the show on my blog, facebook, twitter, and offline as a Feld Family Activator.

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