Do NOT Purchase Walmart’s Product Replacement Plan

I am beyond frustrated right now. Back in March, I purchased a Digital Camera from Walmart. After talking to the cashier, we decided it would be best to purchase the Product Replacement Plan. After all, I have 5 kids. Something is bound to happen.

Wouldn’t you know it? I dropped my camera today on the kitchen floor. Now the battery door won’t close. I remembered that I had purchased the Product Replacement Plan and immediately got on the phone with the Claims Department.

After going through the process… Name, date of purchase, store number, transaction, blah, blah, blah, they asked me what the problem was. I told them that I dropped the phone on the floor and now the battery door won’t latch closed. The response, “Oh. Because you dropped it, we can’t do anything about it. That’s accidental damage. We don’t offer replacements for something that’s your fault.” Are you kidding me? Then why on earth did I spend all that extra money to cover something that isn’t even going to be covered?

I’m kicking myself for a. dropping the camera, but also for b. not reading the fine print *before* being talked into purchasing the product replacement plan.

I can’t say that I’ll never shop at Walmart again. That’s not possible. After all, Walmart is the closest place to shop. I really don’t want to “run” an hour and a half every time I need something and go to Target instead. Besides, one little person boycotting Walmart isn’t going to hurt them. I know that, and I’m not saying that. BUT, I have learned my lesson from this. Next time I’ll go somewhere that offers a true warranty when it comes to electronics. Even if I have to drive an hour and a half to find them.

I’m angry at you Walmart, but even more angry at myself for being duped by the salesperson.

Sorry – rant over. I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to buy a new camera now. Anyone need some design work done? 😉

Edited 7/7/2013 – This issue has been resolved! The company that is behind Walmart’s Product Replacement Plans got wind of this post and issued a check for a full refund of the purchase price of the camera. I appreciate their time and attention to this matter, and the fact that they were willing to refund my money because I was given false information when I purchased the replacement plan. I will still be reading the fine print from now on, but I’m feeling much better about purchasing replacement plans on products from here on out.

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  1. We did the same thing for our tv and my granddaughter’s big wheel and we are have the same problem this will be out fourth time sending the tv off to them and they new that out warranty was going to be up July 28. I had just spoke to one of there representatives and they said not thing to me, I was to by there representatives it takes three times before they can replace the we just got the tv back and it is less than a week and it is out again so now what are we going to do with this tv it is not working and my granddaughter big wheel am going to start going to Target am done with walmart am going to tell my family and friends not to shop and walmart.

  2. Every time I buy a product I buy the plan today I call because my phone got wet and they told me that they don’t cover because it fell in to a puddle. When I buy the plan they told me that they cover everything the original warranty don’t cover I pay 79.99 for the plan and 179.99 for the phone I will never purchase this plan again. My advise do not waste your money they will found an excuse for not cover

    • The warranty on an item is not for accidents. That is what the extra care plan does. It covers accidental damage too. Extra care plans are well worth it on items you cannot fix.

      • I’m right there with u. I’m a disable 52yr woman in a nursing home. I’ve had my left leg amputated and have a lot of health problems due to my accident and 18 surgeries. I have 0 family. Just my service anamale.
        I paid 179 for Samsung Galaxy, protectively cover and the extra insurance, all totaled $248.27. I called claim center. They said I would receive a shipping label in a-4 dayso. That was almost as weeks ago….
        So I’m livid..

  3. Im pissed. What’s the point in buying this plan when u have topay to send it. It’s pointless because it’s like you’re paying to get it fixed anyway. I shouldn’t have had to pay anything. I will never purchase another plan. The lady at Wal-Mart told me not to but I didn’t listen. Lesson learned.

  4. “Replacement plan” my tailpipe! When you try to file a claim, you get sent a GIFT CARD?!?!?!?!? Can we say “FRAUD!” A “REPLACEMENT PLAN”, by simple definition, means the item is REPLACED, not “compensated with a gift card”. I’m dealing with this very issue right now myself, and to top off the fact the local store manager was excessively rude when I came in to the store with all packaging, documentation, and receipts……
    Crooked, crooked walmart!

    • I will never buy any electronics at Walmart without PURCHASING an ASURION product care plan!! I LOVE THEM!!! I don’t know why there are many having issues with this. I have had replaced or repaired a kindle my hubby dropped and cracked the screen (Replaced), 3ds screen stopped working was still under Nintendo warranty but they said it had a crack in the plastic part so would not cover but Walmart Asurion plan fixed it!! Laptop my cat knocked water bottle on it and it fried. They could not fix it so issued me a FULL $500 Gift card (the amount I originally bought the pc for!!) I don’t understand why you are upset about the gift card. You can purchase another pc or whatever…that is how they replace it. Now just a month ago hubby now dropped my laptop on its corner and cracked the screen. I sent it in and they fixed it and this is what I am typing on right now. I saw on Walmart that there are “other” brands of warranties. I never bought any except ASURION! So maybe it is the others being a pain. But I LOVE Walmart ASURION Product care plans and will never buy without one!! I am currently buying one now for my brand new iphone 6. They cover accidents no problem!

      • I agree with you .I have bought several Tablets for my grandchildren and several have been broken and aelectric motor cycle. I have never had any problems with the Plan unlike a lot of people I didn’t expect a replacement only my money back then I have the option what to replace the item the same or different. I will continue to pay for the plan.

      • We turned on our tv and its pixed both ways. Was told we needed to send pics so did the tech guy said they will not warranty it and said its physical damage.. we hust turned it on and it was like that! and refused to honor our product warranty. 400.00 down the drain. Hubs is mad

  5. Honestly good luck finding a warranty that does cover misuse/accidental.

    after reading the comments there is a lot of bad things about it, but that is not one of them. its worth buying if say the thing malfunctions, i had a camera that just stopped working over 2 years, it would get slower and slower, then nothing. id have loved to be able to replace it. but had no such thing. that is what it is for. not so you can drop it on the floor and get a new one.

    of course it sucks, sorry you did that, but to blame walmart isnt right. nobody could afford to cover that behavior.

  6. I found out of a few great insurance plans for all types of items. One of them is SquareTrade. They are really good with drops spills but not theft. The other one is WorthAveGroup they cover I believe everything and theft and have good prices. The 3rd one I found for my daughters iPhone 6 was Protectyourbubble,ciom. They also have good prices but as everything you have to look and compare and see which is best for you. I don’t buy Walmart insurance but I do buy alot of items at Walmart. Best of luck to all of you with picking a good plan. I personally have SquareTrade and WorthAveGroup for me and my son.. 🙂

    • Square Trade did not honor a warranty I purchased with a phone I bought when the camera quit working after about 6 months.
      I cancelled the other Square Trade warranties I had after that debacle and would advise anyone to NOT use them.

  7. I have run into the same issue. They make the replacement plan sound great when you purchase it, but when you try to make a claim on it, they’ll claim that they don’t cover accidental damage or worse yet, they’ll tell you they cannot find your plan even when you have a receipt showing it. I’ll never buy anything that may need replacement such as electronics or appliances at WalMart. The quality is poor, and their ability to back it up is just as bad.

  8. My laptop was stepped on and the screen got broken. I had the Walmart plan thank goodness. It as not longer covered by the manufacturer. they sent me a box with a prepaid shipping label. I sent it in, they looked at it, said it was beyond repair and emailed me a email gift card with the full price I paid. I was happy with that. I think the plan is very much worth it to buy and I will make sure everything I buy will have a plan with it.

    • Some of the posts are old, I believe that’s the reason many people were having problems with the care plan or people were contacting Walmart customer service instead of the care plan company. I buy care plans for every electronic I purchase from Walmart and never had any problems getting the item fixed, replaced or getting a Walmart credit in a gift card( even if it’s given in a gift card it’s money).

      IMPORTANT! If the store ( Walmart) warranty (30,90 days or 1 year)expired, Walmart will tell you they can’t do nothing about it. If you purchased the plan then you need to contact Asurion ( 1877-968-6391 (24/7 )To open a claim. They will handle it! If you bought the item and care plan on line, they sent you an email the same day or day after your item was shipped to you. Save this email as proof that you have a care plan. Also you can go to the care plan website and register your item there and can also scan copy of your receipt and have it storaged there as well. I hope this information is helpful!


      • You are absolutely correct! I have had a few things completely replaced or given a walmart giftcard for full price! Others have been fixed. Just right now I completed another service request for my laptop because water has been spilled on the keyboard. They fixed this laptop already once this year due to my hubby dropping it on it corner and cracking the screen. Now I have filed for this water issue and within literally 3-4 minutes they tell me they are sending out the free shipping materials so I can ship my laptop to them. IN ADDITION once they have repaired an item they EXTEND the insurance even longer! I believe by a year after it was repaired. YOU CANNOT BEAT THIS! If you are having issues then you are some how misunderstanding the process!!

      • DO NOT BUY ASURION INSURANCE!!! I purchased a TV from walmart along with insurance. A year later my TV went black TWICE and I had to pack up a 46 in TV twice and ship it to NY from VA with long waiting periods in between. To make a long story short, I still don’t have a TV and in order to prove its a lemon or for them to consider any other options, it has to fail one more time and ship it to them again for a refurbished TV!!!

  9. I purchased a Xbox1 headset (and Asurion warranty) accessory for my son and it stopped working. I filed a claim and it said that it was under the mfg. warranty(1 year) and that I would need to contact microsoft. After talking to microsoft they sent me a link showing the product was only under a 90 day warranty. No damage to the headset looks brand new. After I called them with this new information they apologized for the mistake and said they would refund the full amount. My perception is that they were close to trying to commit fraud. I would not be surprised if this happens quite frequently and reminds me of the tactics the health insurance companies use to deny payment. I hate to say it, but it pays to be a jerk.

    • The asurion insurance states it take effect “after” the manugacturer’s warranty run out. There is no trick. The ones who are tricking us are the manufacturers. I had a 3dsxl for my son that stopped working. It was clearly under warranty by Nintendo. We sent it in to them and Nintendo said because there was a crack on the edge of the ds then it was obviously “abused”. I could not believe this! THEY are the ones who cheated. I then contacted asurion and they fixed it because Nintendo refused. Of course they are going to expect you to use the warranty FIRST and then the extended insurance after the warranty has ran out.

      • Wrong, .Sorry but the protection plan doesnt start after the manufacturer warranty is up, but as soon as you buy it. They will try to force you to send it to the company if its malfunction type issue but you can refuse and they have to take it. The manufacters usually make you pay to ship it which most find insane seeing as if you qualify for repair its due to a faulty product that isnt of your fault so u shouldnt have to pay more out of pocket ,even moreso if you bought a protection plan. Got a target plan for sons Nabi dreamtab xd and it died 4mos in. It was of no fault when an OTA or Overtheair Android update stopped halfway incomplete which caused the tablet to be stuck at the start up Android logo when turning on and wouldnt reset/restore or anything. so called target and they wanted me to send it to manufacturer but didnt want to. They said they were trying to help me out cause once the protection plan is used, you lose it and if i went to manufacturer I could still keep the plan. I ended up waiting a couple more months until recently and Asurion sent me a prepaid ups label. I didnt get a prepaid box like others have said and have to repurpose an old box to send it in. Im assuming since the person on the phone knew less than I did on how to factory restore/reset/debug than I did that we will get a gift card. I hope we do as he now has another tablet and Nabi is the worst brand for the price, gone thru 2 no fault failures. If you call the store they will tell u they dont cover the repair so kno the plan company before u buy. The plan i got was 30 and also covers up to 5 video games as well which is even better deal, but now , year later, they are charging 60 which i wouldnt have paid. Ive heard that you should be weary of any plan that cost more than 20 percent of the item purchased. The gift card reimbursement may sound okay but what do you do when you want the same item but inflation now has the item costing more than when you bought it? A few things to think about.

  10. So you want them to cover damage caused by your accident. You have got to be kidding. Although, there is also offered protection against accidental damage. You should have purchased that.

    • Is this Asurion coverage by Walmart? They absolutely cover accidents! I have spilled water on my laptop TWO different times, my husband also dropped my laptop and cracked the screen, he also dropped his kindle and cracked the screen. EVERY TIME Asurion replaced it with a gift card of full amount OR fixed it. If you are talking to Walmart….or the manufacturer then…….ignore them and call Asurion. Walmart or manufacturer will NOT cover accidents but Asurion WILL!! Go here…..
      You need to have your asurion plan info that you purchased. Next time go to this website when you purchase the plan and you can register your item and the plan and it will be kept on file for you.

      Hope this helps!

  11. It’s been about 3 months now I’ve called
    5 times. Service was good BUT,be no gift card
    OR No check. They keep saying it was sent. Never
    Never ever ever Purchase the WM care plan

  12. Assuring is a very large warranty provider with resellers of their plans including Verizon Wireless, ATT, Sprint, Walmart, Target and a host of other retailers. As with any service plan or contract READ THE FINE ORINT!! I purchased a PS4 and asked the Walmart sales associate if the extended service plan through assuring covered accidental damage and was told yes. So, having two children between 9 and 12 I felt at some point it stood a good chance of getting knocked on the floor, stepped on, dropped between transition from the upstairs 32 in tvs and the downstairs 55in tv or falling victim to some other misfortune the accident leaving the kids game systemless and me looking for a spare 300 to 400 bucks to replace the deceased unit, so I bit and ponied up the $70 or so. When I called to register my item, I wanted to confirm accidental damage was included because I thought that being covered was just too good to be true…..and it was. Their plans only cover accidental damage on PORTABLE ELECTRONICS it is not covered on say desktop computers, scanners, printers etc. if you think about it, how often do you carry those things around and that’s what the mainstay of claims are due to, dropping the item…and portable electronics are carried or held 99% of the time they are used….makes sense. So, I headed back to the store and received a refund for my warranty, disappointed I didn’t have the coverage, but understood the associate made a mistake as some of the plans cover accidental damage and some don’t. Mi did talk to the store manager and asked he educate his staff because had I held onto the coverage, filed a claim and been denied…..he would have had 230 lbs of really pissed of dad and 2 very disappointed and highly motivated pre-teens looking to him to make the situation right and did I mention, we just don’t take, “I’m sorry I can’t do anything to help you with that” as an answer…..oh no…if you only knew the times I’ve walked away with money back, replacements, etc. and I’m not ashamed to say many times I’m sure I got what I did just because they didn’t want to hear me talk anymore…but I’ve never asked for anything that wasn’t rightfully mine , justly deserved or promised by an employee. Assuring isn’t a horrible company, they’re an insurance company more or less and insurance companies deny claims by nature….its just the way it is. I’ll be filing my first claim today on a 3dsxl that was dropped yesterday I’ll repost and let you all know how it goes. Wish me luck!!!

  13. Lawnmowers still under three year svc plan. Silsbee store nope cannot help you. Did give me a phone number for snapper. We shall see.

  14. I bout a plan for a self propelled lawn mower. The fron wheels quit turning. Filed a claim.. they wanted me to drive 60 miles round trip to take it to THEIR shop. I said I live 12 miles from the Walmart I bought this thing from, why can I not take it to a shop here. They said I could, if I paid for it myself, then they might reimburse the full repaid price. But they would only pay up to the price of the mower. If I had the $100 plus to fix it.. I would not need a warranty. So now they have closed the claim, saying it was closed by ME! WHAT!! Seriously? So now I am out a $215 lawn mower AND the money I paid for a warranty! There goes $250 +

  15. The new product care plan does cover accidental damage and is the only reason I purchase it. The first several times I have had to use it I have had no problems. Now this time I have sent back my girls tablets and I have been waiting over a month for the $400+ they owe me for the three tablets. Every time I contact them they say the check will be here in 10 business days. I don’t know if this is something I want to keep messing with but at the same time if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have the chance that $400+ might get to me sometime so that I can replace the girls tablets.

  16. I am done I have been lied to for days. Was told I would recieve digital gift card threw email, as soon as productive was scanned at ups store. For days I have waited and called called, was told waiting on scan to go threw its the weekend so it will be Monday. I call today and they tell me I have randomly been chosen to have my product reviewed and there’s nothing they can do now. I have to wait probably a week longer. Ggrrr!!! It never stated that any where in any fine print not was a I told or warned of this. I wa convienced to do this instead of recieving a check in mail which I would of preferred cash.. NEVER was told I could be randomly chose. They are losing my business, I will never buy another electronic from them. That’s where I do most shopping because of the saving catcher and price match. How people can not tell or warm you that your product maybe randomly chose, after calling at least 6 times after intial call, and no one told me that was the problem. I will not advise anyone to buy from there, and I take back the good review surveys I did. Send me one now.

  17. I purchased a lawnmower from Walmart around April. I also got the 2 year replacement plan. When I took it back to exchange it, they told me since it has been over 30 days, they can’t replace it. I’m confused, who is responsible for replacement. I purchased the 2 year replacement plan when I bought it but they can’t replace it after 30 days. Something isn’t making sense. Need advice

  18. I’m having a heck of a time trying to get my money back! At first I talked to the guy and he said a gift card would be sent to my e-mail within 24hrs … I was so thrilled because I first tried to return it to Walmart and there a met a lady who was out raged with the plan! So when he told me 24hrs for a e mail I thought well that lady just must have not done it right so after finishing up with the man on the phone filled out survey saying I was pleased! .. now 5 days later still no e mail and several calls to them still no money returned! Complete disappointment!!! Very unsatisfied and wishing I would have waited to complete there survey till after i got my return!


  20. i bought a samsung tablet on Nov 27 2014. My daughter drop the tablet and i send it to them to get a replacement. Unfortunately they cant fix it so they send me a cheaper tablet without letting me choose what i want. Im not happy because the send me a cheaper tablet for what i paid for. I contact the supervisor name Sara and she say she cant do anything about it and for me to chat online with a representative and i did. I chat with Maria and she say she cant do anything about and for me to call the supervisor and they will help me. So for 1 week I’ve been going back and forth to the point im piss of. Not worth the money to buy the care plan and not getting your money or tablet back but get a cheaper tablet.

  21. I cannot help but sit here and laugh at some of the people who posted here. I REALLY hope they learn the difference between a warranty and insurance. A warranty covers failures of the product. It does NOT cover physical damage to items, water damage to items etc.

    Do not be mad at anyone except yourself. If you buy a new car and drive it into a fire hydrant, are you going to get warranty replacements, NO. You would use insurance for that, totally different thing.

  22. Don’t buy a drone from Walmart. If you do, you will be taking a chance, especially if you purchase the Walmart protection plan. If the unit loses signal while flying the drone and the drone gets losed. Walmart Protection Plan will not cover it. Even if the controls don’t work and the drone keeps going, until it is gone forever. Please make sure you get one with GPS. Don’t buy the others. Walmart Protection Plan is a joke.
    Walmart should know that it is a chance that most of the drones they sell can malfunction and fly away with no fault of you. My case: The controller malfunction…..No control at all, after 20 feet in the air. It claims 400 feet????????? Walmart Care Plan is worthless…….

  23. I’m currently in the process of a problem with their “warranty” myself. Was told to go to seller by first person. Seller said they no longer take returns to take it back to Wal-Mart. Second person said they don’t cover the damage, I gave her an ear full. Mainly because she seemed so happy to tell me that bull. After looking at the “warranty” again and seeing that it was supposed to cover damage I called their “service” again. Talked with a third person, he sent me a return label so they could look at the phone. I am hopeful, not confident, they will honor their warranty and replace the phone, Am sending it off tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  24. I brought a 40″ LCD TV from Walmart as a Christmas gift for my mom, and also purchased the 2 year replacement warranty for cracks, faulty tv, and things that may happen. With 2 nieces and 1 nephew running around, I thought it was a good idea to add the warranty for my mom’s sake. Will of course 2 of the kids thought it was a smart idea to throw stuff and crack the screen (I am still fuming). I called the warranty number to have it repaired or replaced and was told in the small print, they do not cover cracked screens unless it is a portable device. WTF?! Why tell me the TV would be covered for cracked screens in the store?!! Brand new TV that is now no good just 6 days out of the box with a crappy no good warranty. SO ANGRY I will never buy another warranty from Walmart EVER!

  25. We paid $59 for their 2 year replacement plan on my husbands apple iphone. His phone fell off his lap and broke so we called to have it replaced. They told me it would cost an additional $29 to issue him a gift card because the phone is no longer available. Why?!! I am so disappointed with their plan. It DOES NOT say anything in the terms and agreement leaflet that came in the pouch about an additional fee to use the replacement plan. I’ll be contacting a lawyer to see if this is even legal.

  26. My wife and I just went through all the same troubles with them over a TV. First we had to wait for the guy to come out and check the TV. All he did was show up and pull the back off. Then he put two brand new terminal boards in it and when that didn’t fix it he called it in to the office. Just before he left he told me that they would be in touch with us about what was going to be done. Of course we waited a few weeks before we called. Just before we called them I checked the web site and it said the problem had been resolved and the paperwork had been marked completed. We then called WalMart and they acted as if we were crazy. After a bit of talking they finally agreed to send us an e-card, what ever that is.
    I was at a lost at the way they ran the program. Why put two new parts in the TV and find out that didn’t fix the trouble and still leave these parts in a broken TV that is just going to be thrown in a dumpster. What a waste of money.