Do NOT Purchase Walmart’s Product Replacement Plan

I am beyond frustrated right now. Back in March, I purchased a Digital Camera from Walmart. After talking to the cashier, we decided it would be best to purchase the Product Replacement Plan. After all, I have 5 kids. Something is bound to happen.

Wouldn’t you know it? I dropped my camera today on the kitchen floor. Now the battery door won’t close. I remembered that I had purchased the Product Replacement Plan and immediately got on the phone with the Claims Department.

After going through the process… Name, date of purchase, store number, transaction, blah, blah, blah, they asked me what the problem was. I told them that I dropped the phone on the floor and now the battery door won’t latch closed. The response, “Oh. Because you dropped it, we can’t do anything about it. That’s accidental damage. We don’t offer replacements for something that’s your fault.” Are you kidding me? Then why on earth did I spend all that extra money to cover something that isn’t even going to be covered?

I’m kicking myself for a. dropping the camera, but also for b. not reading the fine print *before* being talked into purchasing the product replacement plan.

I can’t say that I’ll never shop at Walmart again. That’s not possible. After all, Walmart is the closest place to shop. I really don’t want to “run” an hour and a half every time I need something and go to Target instead. Besides, one little person boycotting Walmart isn’t going to hurt them. I know that, and I’m not saying that. BUT, I have learned my lesson from this. Next time I’ll go somewhere that offers a true warranty when it comes to electronics. Even if I have to drive an hour and a half to find them.

I’m angry at you Walmart, but even more angry at myself for being duped by the salesperson.

Sorry – rant over. I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to buy a new camera now. Anyone need some design work done? ;)

Edited 7/7/2013 – This issue has been resolved! The company that is behind Walmart’s Product Replacement Plans got wind of this post and issued a check for a full refund of the purchase price of the camera. I appreciate their time and attention to this matter, and the fact that they were willing to refund my money because I was given false information when I purchased the replacement plan. I will still be reading the fine print from now on, but I’m feeling much better about purchasing replacement plans on products from here on out.

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    Most protection plans are a lousy, not worth the money. Sorry.

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      I have learned that too, but I guess I trusted in Walmart’s down home values. The fact that they put the gift card right in my hand that would be used if and when I ever needed it…made it seem more authentic and tangible. It is still hard to belive that Walmart has lowered its standaards this way. I am grieving for the loss of trust…not just thet $100 microwave or the $6 Replacement gift card.

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      I have purchased three above ground pools from Walmart over the last 7 years that have sprouted holes at the seams between 1-2 years after. The warrant co has refunded my money each time. If you’re purchasing electronics or a TV or appliance, after reading all the horrible Walmart reviews, I wouldn’t buy the coverage. Those plans are different providers than that which covers “Toys.” If you purchased electronics, TV or appliance, check out Square Trade because their warranties rock. 5 stars everywhere they review. You can’t go wrong with Square Trade for those. But I’ll stick with Walmart coverage on toys.

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    Anonymous says:

    I also purchase a digital camera for my daughter on her birthday. The camera ended up getting wet. I called Walmart and registered on the product replacement website so when I called them, they already had my information. Since it happened before the manufature's warrenty expired they said I had to send it back to the manufaturer for repair or replacement. I knew the manufature would not fix or replace it for free so I waited a few weeks to make sure it was past the first 90 days and then filed the claim. I told them that it got wet and no longer worked and they said to send the camera with the UPS lable that they would send to me via email. This week I logged into the product replacement site and saw the customer rep's notes, stating that it got wet. The package has been received by Walmart but I still haven't heard back from them about activating the product replacement "gift card" so I can only hope they will honor the product replacement and activate the card so we can get a new camera. I guess we will see. The customer support person didn't seem to have a good understanding of the process. She was kind of vague about it and I am wondering if it's because she really didn't know or just a CYA. According to the card, the sales people and the hold message you can get a repalcement in as little as 24 hours but I don't see that happening. Hopefully it will end well.

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    A few months back I purchased a MP3 player for my 14 year old daughter…so of course the so called "product replacement plan" sounded like a great idea. After all she is 14.

    And then when she came to me saying that it wouldn't hold a charge I was irritated but not upset..after all we could get it taken care of quickly enough. So I gathered my receipt and the Product Replacement Plan packet, and headed to Walmart. I thought maybe they would just let me exchange it. It had only been a couple of months. They told me to call the number on the packet. Guess I should have read better.

    So I called the number this morning only to be given the same answer as the above person. The MP3 player is still under Sony's warranty and I need to call them. WOW…is this a gimic or what? So I called the Sony number that the lady gave me only to find out that it is a WRONG number. The number is to a ski area??? What the heck?

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    Anonymous says:

    I'm 14 years old from Wisconsin and I purchased a bike on 5-18-09 and on 3-15-10 the back wheel fell apart…NOT MY FAULT. I had the replacment plan but they woun't replace my bike or activate the gift card for me…. It was only $90 bike, but for a 14 year old, thats ALOT of money….

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      Sweetie, Ask your parents to help you go to small claims court. I bet this could turn into a class action law suit.

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    Anonymous says:

    FYI, the walmart product replacement plan also only kicks in after the manufacturer's warranty expires…My printer stopped working so I called the P.R.P. people and they said they would only refer my to HP. Then they said hey, just wait until the HP warranty is over and then call back and make a claim. So I waited 7 months and did just that. When I called they then told me they dont cover "pre-existing conditions"…..I was furious. I simply asked to speak their manager and after a few strong words they decided to give me my money back :)

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    Anonymous says:

    It pains me to see so many frustrated customers. I work for the company that provides the Replacement Plans for Walmart. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, so although I don't think I can minimalize your frustration, I would like to explain. The plans you all have purchased provide protection against many failures, with the exception of Accidental Damage. This coverage includes damage from Normal Wear and Tear, Power Surge, Environmental factors (Dust heat humidity) and more. None of this protection is provided by the manufacturer, and typically occurs AFTER the manufacturer warranty expires, which is why your plan starts AFTER the manufacturer. Walmart doesnt feel comfortable calling a plan a THREE year plan if One full year is covered by the manufacturer, instead, they are trying to be honest with the customer and call it two years (or one year). Also, the plans do NOT cover accidental damage, to keep the fraud down, and the price low. VERY few plans anywhere cover accidental damage, and those that do cost 3 ot 4 times as much as Walmart, because of the fraud potential. MANY people, when they wanted a new Camera, would simply drop their camera in the pool, or drop it on the ground, to make a claim and get their product replaced. Make sense? Our company does sell accidental damage plans (ADH Coverage), however they are much more expensive and frequently require a deductible to help rduce fraud. I hope this eases your frustration somewhat.

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      The only fraud I see here is coming from Walmart. They offer you a gift card for a free replacement item in the event that your item fails…”so you don’t have to fool with shipping it anywhere” Right! That little card isn’t worth the plastic its made from. We all bought these “replacement” gift cards in good faith. My 82 year parents were led to believe in a “no hassles exchange” We bought into the lie. Walmart use to have scrupples, not anymore.

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        melissa f says:

        I purchased a plan from almart but was never issued a gift card O.o I only got a piece of paper and the reciept. Is there something I’m missing because I already had to send it in for repairs once and didn’t have a problem?

  7. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Fraud! I just read the Wal-Mart replacement plan rep. The warranty is a Fraud! Fraud Fruad Fraud. I will NEVER EVER buy the replacement plan again, In fact, I am going to start a Boycott Walmart Replacemnt Plan on Facebook. More people have to know who the real frauds are. Wal-mart. At the register they sell the warranty as it starts now, and covers any damage. That is FRAUD! My sons Christmas present broke, his CS lite, Nitendo doesn't cover it, walmart said they cant because its still under Nintendos warranty. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD…is there Ocean front property in PA you would like to sell me too?

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    Anonymous says:

    yeah i got one of those replacement plans to..have not even tried to use it cause my warrany is not up..but i know the warranty wont cover my problem an neither will the replacement plan…my lcd screen on my nikon coolpixL20 broke..looks more cracked but still cant see anything out of it, still takes pictures just have no idea of what… very angry cause I have no idea of how it happened..I take very good care of my things and keep them put up so they dont end up getting messed up..3-4 years ago I got a camera for my 15th birthday an I used it till last year cause it went out on me so I went an bought this one back in november and now im pretty much out $100+ …my last one was a sanyo…guess I should have stuck with that brand…I have not tired to see if nikon will fix it cause it says they dont fix if it "…has been subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration or accident…" so i dont get why in the hell do they even provide a warranty if they do not fix the item in hand..I mean im not gonna destroy my things on purpose so its not abuse, so what that makes it an accident even though I didnt have any clue it happened so that leads to negligence, but I again put my things up and keep them in good shape…(sry im really mad, and still have no clue of how it came to be broken an its been like this for 2 weeks now I believe..) ahh theses dang stupid people and their companies can take a hot straightening iron and shove it where the sun dont shine…I am very tempted to just buy a new screen a replace it myself but I know the warranty an the so called "replacement plan" will be void then, but its not like they are going to fix it anyway…

    • 14

      I bet if some people started taking them to small claims court, they would stop offering what they have no intention of honoring.

      • 15

        Small claims wouldn’t do much. Even if 1,500 people filed, wal-mart’s legal department would put us through hell. By the time the small claims finally reached the judge we’d be wondering why we wasted all this time waiting for something when the judge just overturns it.

    • 16
      melissa f says:

      I have the same camera and it stinks I liked the options I had before on my Sanyo which I also got at walmart it had better options for red eye and better camera settings but when I went to replace it with a similar camera they only had the cheaply made but more expensive ones available so I bought one and barely use it because of the terrible pics it takes. I had the Sanyo for 3 years before it went out on me so it wouldn’t have been covered on the replacement plan anyway but it would still let me attempt to take pictures but the picture would show up as just a black screen the pictures were also just black when I tried to upload them. I kept the camera hoping maybe somewhere out there somebody knows how to fix it. If anyone knows how or knows somebody ho would know feel free to reply.

  9. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Do NOT purchase the PRP at OfficeMax. Put it on a Kodak camera, less than 2 months old has failed (not even 25 pictures and no battery recharge). PRP was for 2 years. Best they could do was give me a pink camera for my silver one. All stores have is pink. Price on the counter for the pink one is $150. Price on the exchange receipt is $76. How is that? So now if I try to return it I will get $76 (if they will even return it). If I went to buy it outright, I'd pay $150, this doesn't seem legal.

    I paid $90 for the original one (on sell).

    On top of that the PRP expires with the failure of the first camera, but of course they were more than happy to offer another PRP for the replacement camera.

    If I wanted to wait a week I could get a gift card for the original value. That week wait wasn't mentioned when I bought the PRP. What good is that if they no longer have the product?

    FUCK OfficeMax.

    • 18

      We are all upset. But don’t lower yourself to thier fowl standards. There are kids hurting over this and they are trying to vent here too. Lets behave decently. ok?

  10. 19

    The best place to purchase any product is Brandsmart. No recipt is needed for exchanges returns or to find your warranty they keep it on file in their comupter system under your name and address. Additionally when you make a purchase they email you a copy of your recipt. Item breaks just take it back in to get a new one. Great prices and great customer service!

  11. 20

    had truck trouble today… and had to buy a new battery so i took my old one off because it had a 3year replacement on it…. i bought it in sept of last year… just took the thing off now… and get this when i take it in to replace it they tell me that i cant do that because my old one had been exchanged in 2009… now can someone explain to me how it was exchanged when the battery was on my truck up until today

  12. 21

    My experience is exactly like #7. Purchased Nintendo DS Lite for my two kids and thought the PRP would be great. At time of purchase we were asked, do you want the purchase product replacement plan? We replied "what does it cover and how much does it cost" It covers everything and $5.88 for each. Not a whole lot of money. One of the two DS's broke at the hinge and the screen and game system no-longer functioned. OK, we have a PRP. I called the and they told me since the problem is within a year they said I needed to contact nintendo. Let the runaround begin. I called nintendo they said the warranty was no longer value because they did not consider it defective, but would be willing to take $50 + shipping to refurbish it. I said no thanks, I HAVE A PRODUCT REPLACMENT plan from walmart, why would I spend $50 to fix a $100 item. I call back the Walmart warranty folks (AIG not a good sign), and told them I would like to proceed with the replacment since the warranty is not valid. They said why to you think is it no longer valid. I said nintendo told me. THey replied (sucker)… we don't have to do anything, if nintendo won't. Oh, by the the product "REPLACEMENT" plan covers only manufacturers defects. If I knew that I would have never bother to by this useless warranty. By the way, this is clearly DECEPTIVE sales practices, if not fraudulent. I consider a relatively cheap lesson. How can Merchants get away with this behavior (not limited to Walmart, but also includes Best Buy, Circuit City (google stories still out there, Radio Shack, etc.)? How can a buyer be sufficiently informed beyond the string of lies most merchants are pushing to improve their botttom line. If a vendor mispresents a product verbally, isn't this still considered fraud? — Central Virginia

  13. 22
    Anonymous says:

    how do you even get to the site to file a claim? all i see is ads and bs. I bought a stereo 1 yr. ago w. the prp for 2 years. how do i collect on a stereo that will not play any of the 5 cds just spins and makes noise. I am old,(60) do not think wild parties were involved. p.s. I am P.O.'d !

  14. 25

    I bought the replacement plan for a microwave now having problems took it to Walmart thinging with the card I would just get a new one, but NO you have to jump thru hoops to land on your A– and no help or how to get to the claim area. Burned on this one.

  15. 27

    i bought a ipod shuffle back in 5-4-10…i also baught the replacement plan, only because i know i have b¡very bad luck with electronics. well right now i am pissed the fuck off, writting this… because the so called replacement plan is a piece of shit…i love walmart but they should really stop selling those ¨warranties¨ if they are not going to be responsible for replacing the item…imcalling from walmart to the ipod stores, and taking trips for nothing… its so rediculous…DONT BUT THE REPLAMENT PLAN…AT ALL

  16. 29

    I have been buying these warranty replacement cards left and right. It was presented to me as if it worked the same as a gift card. if the items failed for any reason…it would be replaced at Walmart then and there, no muss not fuss. ….RIGHT! I put one of these on my 82 year old dad’s Christmas present…A microwave. So he would be able to exchange it with no confusion. My poor parents have been to hell and back over that “replacement”plan!

    The microwave would not cut off. They had to unplug it every time they wanted it to cut off. (Bad computer board behind the touch pad) Walmart wouldn’t touch it because of the manufactures warranty (in name only) requires that it be shipped to them at our expense! Protection? Scam! Fraud! I asked Walmart about waiting another 2 weeks to the Warranty expired. They said, we’d still have to ship it somewhere to be evaluated. Then if they decided it qualified, we would be reimbursed. I almost screamed. “What part of ” no hassles replacement” do you see in all that drama???

  17. 30

    How does wallmart get away with hughway robery?. It is because we are stupid!!!!!. Instead of complaining to each other we need to have a class action suite. Iam tired of grtting ripped off by the big market people, arn’t you?.

  18. 31

    Just seems to me like all of you are complaining about something you bought and didn’t read the brochure. It’s there for you to read. You should try that sometime. I’ve bought like a million of those replacement plans and never had any problems. It says on the inside page, NOT just the fine print, that it starts after the manufacturer’s warranty and doesn’t cover accidental damage. It’s not like they’re trying to hide it.

  19. 32

    I have just mailed my smart phone off to the replacement place. I told them it still works but is damaged they are supposed to activate my card i hope they do and i do not end up getting screwed over by wal mart
    Tanya recently posted..30 Days of Giving Thanks: Day 16

  20. 33

    i bought a phone and purchased the warranty plan.. my daughter dropped my phone in the tiolet and they are going to cover it ive only had the ohone for 4 months so the maufacturers warranty hasnt expired but their going to replace my ohone.. maybe ya’ll didnt talk to the right person or theyve since changed their policy?

  21. 34

    I had the best experience with my Walmart replacement card! I thought it was going to take days to contact the right person for approval. I always seem to get the run around with this sort of thing. I called and the first person I spoke to asked what the issue was with my vacuum. I just said the suction was no longer working and she asked if I still had my gift card. I said yes and she replied the money I paid plus taxes will be on the card within 72 hours. I waited to see if that was it and it was. Less than 5 minutes on the phone!!! Very happy

  22. 35

    I too, am having the same experience with my sons ipod touch that was just purchased in Dec 2011. He dropped it on our ceramic tile, it came apart, but DID NOT CRACK ANYWHERE. I purchased the 2 year protection plan for $20, but they said to contact the manufacturer, which I did. Apple picked it up and sent it right back at their expense. They said it was “excessive damage” and wouldn’t cover it. I went back to Walmart and they said my plan doesn’t cover accidents. The accidental damage plan WOULD HAVE, for $17.00!!!! So, for $3.00 more, I get an extended plan, which I should have read the fine print. My son is 14 years old, so I believed I was purchasing a plan that would protect these types of things.

    I am very frustrated and do not know where else to turn. I’m out $200 for the ipod and another $20 for this p.o.s. plan that I can’t even use!!!

  23. 36

    Yup they got me too. My vacuum cleaner is busted…full of dog hair. Bought the plan thinking it would as simple as going into the store and getting a replacemnt vacuum cleaner. I was wrong.

  24. 37

    My ex-wife and roommate bought this lousy 2 year plan, you have go over the heads of the call center people, and in my case say the magic words, “I dropped it.” Right away this supervisor understood. (I argued politely for about 5 minutes with her) and now they are supposed to send a label and activate my card. The extended warranty package says, “Get your product replaced in as little as 1-2 days” I talked to this person who claimed to take care of it over a week ago, and still nothing. This is an iPod, and I would choose their protection plan over WalMart’s any day, at least with Apple, it not like pulling teeth the way it is with WalMart, stick to Target or a Warehouse club, even BestBuy has better warranties than this lousy plan!

  25. 38
    ComplaintWrangler says:

    bahaha! okay ppl…pretty much any warranty you purchase is from one company. N.E.W. handles the warranties for most stores. Wal-mart, Sams Club, Office Max, Office Depot, Target, Toys-r-Us, Guitar Center, Best Buy, Home Depot, HSN, and the list goes on and on. There are hundreds. They are a third party that handles most of the extended warranties that many companies sell. However I do agree that the stores that sell the plans do a horrible job of explaining how these plans work.

  26. 39
    ComplaintWrangler says:

    Also, from my years and years of experience in customer service, I have noticed that the vast majority of people dont read ANYTHING. Whether it is terms & conditions, a sign on door they have to open to enter, instructions, or menus. That is where a lot of problems are.

  27. 40

    It does covered accidental damage I researched it

  28. 41

    i got it for my phone. damage to phonje was my fault, even told them so. every cent including tax has been refunded under this plan.

    • 42

      So Walmart’s Care plan worked well for you? Did you get the plan with the “Accidental Damage from Handling”? I’m only asking because I’m planning on getting my mom a PS Vita and Best Buy’s plan costs more than twice as much as Walmart’s does.

      Thank you!

  29. 43
    dixiecrystals says:

    Sam’s club has a great warranty also.

  30. 44

    i bought the protection plan for my laptop and now when i need it a month later they said to my face that since i paid cash it was a 50/50 chance that it will be put in the computer and it wasnt.. and i had the recite to prove i bought it.. i paid 79.99 on that and i dont know what to do about it.. ive called the company and they said they call back but its been 3 weeks now.

  31. 45

    walmart adh replacement plan will kick in after the manufacturer’s warranty expires which is 1 year. Must wait for 1 year then try to claim it again for ADH.

  32. 46

    next time you need to say “I accidentally dropped it”. If they did not hear the word accidental they will not replace it.

  33. 47

    10. How are Replacement Plans and Service Plans different?

    Replacement Plans:

    It is a Plan that covers the replacement of your covered product as a result of a breakdown due to mechanical and electrical failures including those due to normal wear and tear, surge protection (available from day 1), internal heat, dust and humidity.

    The Replacement Plan coverage begins after the manufacturer labor warranty expires. We will replace your product with the gift card that was attached to your brochure or we will issue a check equal to the original purchase price of your product, including taxes, as indicated on your receipt

    Under the terms of a Replacement Plan, you will be required to return the covered product and all accessories that came with the covered product in order to receive the gift card funding or a check. Once the gift card or check has been issued, the plan for that product is fulfilled.


  34. 48

    I personally have used the replacement plan several times. I have a 14 year old son who is very hard on iPods. I have used it to replace 3 iPods and a bicycle. They have always been awesome!!!All 4 times, I have had the money on my card in as little as 2 days.

  35. 49

    Forgot to post that he dropped his iPod twice. I told the person who answered the phone and they were glad to cover it.

  36. 50

    My girlfriend purchased a cell phone and a P.R.P. for me on 06-01-12. Exactly 6 months later I needed to replace it. The phone froze up, I was missing weekends and conversations with my children due to the fact that my phone wouldn’t receive phone calls. In order for me to have optimal service I had to restart the phone. I went to wal-mart, they told me to file a claim. I called the PRP, they said it was still under manufacture warranty to contact Boost. I did… It took me 45 minutes to navigate through the automated menu to FINALLY get a human being. After explaining my situation to him, he hung up. I called Wal-mart back, irked… Explained everything and said This replacement plan is supposed to REPLACE my phone (I read AND understood the PRP) not give me the f***** run around. You will honor your warranty! They once again told me to contact Boost and gave me another number, I spoke to a woman right away who understood my situation and stated “I know this is going to make you even more mad, but… Wal-Mart buys our phones and all the responsibilities included. The only companies that can help you are ZTE (The brand) and Wal-Mart. She was nice enough to give me the ZTE number. I called ZTE. The guy told me to restart my phone… Obviously he didn’t listen to me… I told him I restart my phone 3x a day, I havedone a Master Reset AND a Factory Reset. He then tells me there is nothing he can do unless the screen was cracked. I’ve been doing a run-around for 2.5 hours at this point. I call PRP back and express myself (very vulgar-like and verbally) and tell this poor woman “I know it’s not your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong, but I’m sick of being treated like this. All I want is to replace my phone.” She then asked if the screen was cracked to which I replied, “If that’s what it takes, I’ll throw my phone on the ground and ship it to you”. She giggled (which lightened the mood a bit) and said “there’s no need, I need your email address to send you the UPS label then send the phone with all the accessories and 24-72 hours from then we will either activate the gift card attached to your brochure or send you an email with an electronic gift card that you can print up and wal-mart will honor…” I was happy, left a great survey review for her. Hope my running around wasn’t done in vain. I tried to send it back with ALL the accessories… only to find out that UPS will not ship it if the battery is in the box/envelope… So, they have all the accessories minus the battery, I hope it works…

    • 51

      by the way, I used a lot more vulgar language during these conversations, but chose to edit it for content out of respect for others. And I have to say I am not one who usually causes a storm, but when the weather is right… I’m easily roused up to a tempest.

  37. 52

    Same thing is happenning to me. I bought a portable dvd player and in about 6 months the other dvd stopped working. I use this device on my car and no I didnt drop it OR anything… II just stopped playing dvd and although the other one works, I still want mine to be fixed. I bought the PRODUCT REPLACEMENT PLAN and everything so I thought I was in luck. I filed a claim three times and they told me they were going to send me an email in two days.. well i waited three months n got nothing. MORAL OF THE STORY. DONT WASTE UR MONEY..

  38. 53

    Shouldn’t have told them you dropped it.

    My HDTV I’ve had for 3 yrs is now messing up and they are sending me a check for the original purchase price. Best $ I’ve ever spent. Now I’m able to get a better TV

  39. 54

    i had the same thing happen to my computer and i was fit to be tide

    • 55

      dont get me wrong it was a great laptop until it started to fall apart and then they wouldnt fix it cause there was to much damage and i paid over a grand for it

  40. 56
    larcolant says:

    I have had only positive experiences with Walmart’s plan, including a camera. It is a warranty that kicks in after the manufacture warranty. When this happened with my HP battery, I was redirected to HP and they promptly sent me a new battery. It is really too bad some people have negative experiences. I have a large family, 12 children, and this warranty has saved me allot of money. Laptop, an XBOX, and a digital camera, are ones that come to mind.

  41. 57

    What do you think insurance plans are for? Who purposely ruins their items? come on, now.

  42. 58
    edmonton area says:

    Every day I see 100,000 canadians flock to the local wallmart, this is a pity I think because wallmart is not a canadian company. We as canadians are not helping ourselves by spending our canadian money at that amarican conglomerate shopping center. I personally have been in the store 5 or more times and every time I leave angry. The employee attitude seems very amarican even though they are my canadian brothers and sisters working there. There is no canadian friendliness in that place, not to mention the products they sell are very low quality. Mom is in her late 60’s and has been screwed by that place 2 times. They tried to call her a thief once and stole $40 cash another time. I can’t even stand to be under their roof.

  43. 59

    Bought the replacement plan for kyocera hydro edge. went to store had to call the number on the receipt to tell me they don’t cover the first year of the plan has to be boost moblie. Boost Said kyocera has to do it. Kyocera Says Reliance takes care of it. But i will have to pay for shipping and be with out a phone while they work on it. And Reliance will not let me put all the information in so can get information to send it to them or a case #. right now Kyocrera, walmart, and boost mobile is on my don’t trade list.

    • 60

      Bought a google nexus 7 and 2 year drop, spill, accidental damage everything included plan,within one year Nexus stopped working, walmart won’t honor the plan, told me to call manufacturer , manufacturer told me to deal with walmart..waste 300 dollars total on the tablet and plan.

  44. 61

    Just throwing it out there that any product care plan bought before 2011 was through a completely different company than what they use now. Replacement plans on portable products do cover accidental damage now. The new plan has a 90% satisfactory rank amongst the 1 million plans sold. Just because a few people have a bad experience doesn’t mean everyone will.

  45. 62
    Tedricco Jones says:

    I buy these plans at Walmart, and manage them online. You can get on there and check each item and what the warranty status is. It clearly tells you if it’s still under the manufacturers warranty. Also, I would never buy it on something portable that’s likely to get knocked around (camera, tablet, ect) but I also would never think it would cover it if I dropped it or put it on the roof of my car and drove off. Nor would I ever buy one for something my kid was going to knock around. Kids break things, it’s a fact of life.

    I’m in my third year of coverage on a $1,400 TV and feel pretty good about that. I spoke to a local repair shop and they told me many of the TV’s today are either not cost effective to repair, or impossible to get parts for. Also, a 60 inch TV is a pain to transport. That factored into my decision to purchase a product care plan, which includes in-home service.

  46. 63

    I have a horror story still in progress with Walmart’s Product Replacement Plan. I have a 50′ inch LCD TV I bought from Walmart the first of 2013. A week before the Superbowl several of the pixels went out and I figured hey call Walmart and use this plan. Since my original year had already elapsed i did not have to go through them. I call the Product Replacement Plan people on a Monday and and go through trouble shooting and what not and still does not fix the TV. I make an appointment for the following Friday for technician to come out. The Product Replacement Plan people said in 48 hrs the tech would call me to confirm a time to come. I work nights so I take a few hours off work Friday so i can be available all day for the tech. Tuesday, Wednesday go by with no contact. So I’m irritated now and call Product Replacement Plan back to see what the problem is. They tell me someone canceled my appointment! I know I didn’t! SO now I’m angry telling the guy I took off work for this and I have to cancel my Superbowl plans because nobody wants to watch the big game when there is 50 LCD pixels missing in the middle of your screen. So now I’m told a tech will call me the next day to set up a time on the following Monday. So I have him set it up. A tech calls me the next day and says they are ordering parts and wont come out until the part arrives. SOOOO a week later a tech finally shows up takes apart my TV tries the new part no luck. He tells me it’s probably the panel/screen takes a few pics he calls his people and says they will order a new panel or whatever. The next day I get a email from Product Replacement Plan stating my claim was resolved successfully! I immediately call Product Replacement Plan and the manager lady tells me according to the report she has I damaged my TV so they cant replace it! I asked how? Screen is not cracked its in perfect condition, I have no kids or animals and it’s been in the same place since I bought it. She said that’s what the repair tech told his company. I called the repair tech back and asked him and he said that’s not what he told his people and he would know if a TV has been damaged due to his experience in repairing TVs. He told me he would write a statement or go to court if it comes to that. I looked up the price of a panel/screen for my TV and it costs a lot! Almost the price of the TV, which is why I’m sure they are attempting to screw me over. A customer resolution person will call me allegedly tomorrow I will update with results or if I plan legal action.

  47. 64

    my mentally handicapped sister broke the screen on her tablet, i got a shipping label and mailed it on the 6th at 10:24 am. then when i checked online it said congrads new protect being sent, i called them on the 7th to tell them i didnt want a new tablet because this was my 3rd one of them and they have all broke (the screens sucked), the guy said he would change it to the ecard, that i should have it by the 9th at the latest. well the 9th came and went and so i called them and they said oh well it shows we are out of this tablet, some system error. let me change it to an ecard, then she put me on hold for 4 min 25 sec, while she did who knows what. then said it was all taken care of. i called the 10th to make sure and the lady send they were sending me a tablet, i explained that i already told them i didnt want it “BEFORE THEY EVEN SENT IT OUT” the lady said i will get a call on monday telling me they switched it then 24-72 hours later id get my ecard. well since they lied once i wanted to make sure so i called them today (12th) and they said well its already been sent out so we cant change it, and then the other person i called said thats some lady called me and said they talked to me and i wanted a replacement , yet i never got a call. so now i am getting a tablet that is worthless and a pos !

  48. 65

    wall-mart should have never switched there protection plans the same NOT WENT WITH THE NEW COMPINY. my wife and I use to buy the protection plan on every thing but that is a thing of the past we will never buy it again the 18,000 worth of plans over the last five years are useless I to want to start an anti Walmart replacement plan

  49. 66
    Heather Hartley says:

    I purchased the product care plan and my screen on my phone started freezing up and would turn black. I called and filed a claim and they said I would receive an email in two hours. Instead four days later, I had to call them. They then had to verify some stuff and said they would send me a label to send my phone in to get a replacement. In the mean time I had to purchase a new phone due to the fact I am a single mom. So now I am out money I didn’t have.

  50. 67

    We did the same thing for our tv and my granddaughter’s big wheel and we are have the same problem this will be out fourth time sending the tv off to them and they new that out warranty was going to be up July 28. I had just spoke to one of there representatives and they said not thing to me, I was to by there representatives it takes three times before they can replace the we just got the tv back and it is less than a week and it is out again so now what are we going to do with this tv it is not working and my granddaughter big wheel am going to start going to Target am done with walmart am going to tell my family and friends not to shop and walmart.


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