Do NOT Purchase Walmart’s Product Replacement Plan

I am beyond frustrated right now. Back in March, I purchased a Digital Camera from Walmart. After talking to the cashier, we decided it would be best to purchase the Product Replacement Plan. After all, I have 5 kids. Something is bound to happen.

Wouldn’t you know it? I dropped my camera today on the kitchen floor. Now the battery door won’t close. I remembered that I had purchased the Product Replacement Plan and immediately got on the phone with the Claims Department.

After going through the process… Name, date of purchase, store number, transaction, blah, blah, blah, they asked me what the problem was. I told them that I dropped the phone on the floor and now the battery door won’t latch closed. The response, “Oh. Because you dropped it, we can’t do anything about it. That’s accidental damage. We don’t offer replacements for something that’s your fault.” Are you kidding me? Then why on earth did I spend all that extra money to cover something that isn’t even going to be covered?

I’m kicking myself for a. dropping the camera, but also for b. not reading the fine print *before* being talked into purchasing the product replacement plan.

I can’t say that I’ll never shop at Walmart again. That’s not possible. After all, Walmart is the closest place to shop. I really don’t want to “run” an hour and a half every time I need something and go to Target instead. Besides, one little person boycotting Walmart isn’t going to hurt them. I know that, and I’m not saying that. BUT, I have learned my lesson from this. Next time I’ll go somewhere that offers a true warranty when it comes to electronics. Even if I have to drive an hour and a half to find them.

I’m angry at you Walmart, but even more angry at myself for being duped by the salesperson.

Sorry – rant over. I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to buy a new camera now. Anyone need some design work done? ;)

Edited 7/7/2013 – This issue has been resolved! The company that is behind Walmart’s Product Replacement Plans got wind of this post and issued a check for a full refund of the purchase price of the camera. I appreciate their time and attention to this matter, and the fact that they were willing to refund my money because I was given false information when I purchased the replacement plan. I will still be reading the fine print from now on, but I’m feeling much better about purchasing replacement plans on products from here on out.

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    Every time I buy a product I buy the plan today I call because my phone got wet and they told me that they don’t cover because it fell in to a puddle. When I buy the plan they told me that they cover everything the original warranty don’t cover I pay 79.99 for the plan and 179.99 for the phone I will never purchase this plan again. My advise do not waste your money they will found an excuse for not cover

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    Im pissed. What’s the point in buying this plan when u have topay to send it. It’s pointless because it’s like you’re paying to get it fixed anyway. I shouldn’t have had to pay anything. I will never purchase another plan. The lady at Wal-Mart told me not to but I didn’t listen. Lesson learned.

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    “Replacement plan” my tailpipe! When you try to file a claim, you get sent a GIFT CARD?!?!?!?!? Can we say “FRAUD!” A “REPLACEMENT PLAN”, by simple definition, means the item is REPLACED, not “compensated with a gift card”. I’m dealing with this very issue right now myself, and to top off the fact the local store manager was excessively rude when I came in to the store with all packaging, documentation, and receipts……
    Crooked, crooked walmart!


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