Do YOU Text & Drive?

I normally don’t watch Oprah. Nothing against her personally, I just don’t like the show. But, on Monday, she had a show that I definitely wanted to tune into. It was on texting and driving.

As a mom of a tween, and specifically one who wants a cell phone and can’t wait to drive, I thought it was important that we watch this episode together.

I will admit it: I use my phone far too much while driving. I won’t text or check emails while I’m driving, but if I’m at a stoplight, I do. But I do talk on the phone while driving – a lot. Down here, if you want to get anywhere, you have to drive forever. I’ll catch up with friends, take care of business calls, and just talk to hubby on the phone. After Monday’s episode of Oprah, though, you’d better believe that I’ll be hanging up the phone for good while behind the wheel.

No phone call is worth a life. My kids are usually in the car with me, and I can’t take the chance of something happening to them or to anyone else because I was distracted with the phone.

The motto that Oprah came up with to raise awareness is “Don’t Text Fate, That Text Can Wait.” Excellent motto, and one that every teenager should be exposed to.

Now, it’s your turn to fess up. Do you text and drive? Do you talk on the phone while you’re driving? Did you see Oprah’s show on Monday? Did it change your thoughts on using your phone and driving?

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this issue!

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    I have texted 1 or 2 word responses while driving. i don't now because i can't do it one handed. I do talk on the phone while driving though. I didn't see the show.

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    Linda @ My Trendy Tykes says:

    I don't text while driving. I don't even like talking on the cell when driving. I honestly can't concentrate on both…..if you happen to pull up behind me and I am going 25 in a 50 MPH zone then you know I am on the phone.

    I can chew gum and walk at the same time though, I promise.

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    Ever since the death of the youngest daughter of Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman, I have been extremely cautious about things like this. I have pulled over to text, and to change the CD. If I am waiting for a call while driving, I leave the phone unfolded in the drink container next to me, so I can reach for it when it rings.

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