Doctor appointment today.

Today was the super fun Sugar test. It really doesn’t bother me to drink the super-sweet syrup, so I didn’t care much.

My appointment was for 9:45am. But, when Jessica called me yesterday to remind me of my appointment, she told me I could come in any time before that to drink the stuff.

I showed up at 8:45 this morning. I figured I’d get there, drink the stuff, sit there for an hour, get my blood drawn, and then see the doctor. Well, that’s what I figured, anyway! I went up to the desk, signed in, and told the idiot lady behind the desk that I was there early so I could drink my drink for my sugar test. She proceeded to look at me like I was an absolute moron. She looks at the sign in sheet and says, “You’re an hour early for your appointment. You’re not scheduled until 9:45.”

Oh.My.Gosh. DUH! So, I explained to her that Jessica said I could come in early and drink the stuff so that I wouldn’t have to fast for most of the day.

Idiot Woman She turns to the other lady behind the checkout desk and says, “She says she’s here for her sugar test and that she was allowed to come in early and drink it. Are we allowed to do that?”

So, at 9:15, I FINALLY got my sugar drink. So much for getting there early! SIGH. I drank the drink, and the nurse did all of the pre-visit stuff: urine sample, blood check, weight check, etc. Everything looked good. I gained 6 pounds this month, so I gasped a little at that. Apparently, I’ve finally found my appetite this pregnancy. Guess I need to lay off the ice cream a little bit! BUT, the good news is that this is the first 5 pounds I’ve gained with this pregnancy, so I’m doing FAR better than I have with any of my other pregnancies. Losing so much of it early in the pregnancy helped.

Ifinally saw the doctor around 10:15. She listened to the baby’s heartbeat, reviewed my kick count chart, and we talked for a long time about how little the baby moves. She was SO sweet and said that if I ever have a feeling like something is wrong, to call her immediately. Even if there’s no justifiable reason, and I’m just being a worry wart, I should call her. I love my doctor.

I mentioned all the contractions, and she said that she’s still not putting me on bedrest. (Do you know how NICE it is to hear this?!) She said that she’ll most likely start doing cervical length ultrasounds to make sure my cervix is still nice and long. She’ll also do the Fetal Fibronectin test every so often to make sure it comes up negative. She’s not going to send me to the hospital every time, and I have NO worries about her giving me mag sulfate…. my very own source of kryptonite!

All in all, things went well. Parker’s heartbeat was in the 150’s, and is just the sweetest sound. Especially with him not moving so much.

My uterus is measuring a little over 26 weeks, so it looks like we’ll be having another big baby! 🙂

I go back in 3 weeks, and then it’s every 2 weeks after that! Maybe now this pregnancy will start flying by!

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    SissyMerks says:

    You do have a great doctor. That makes things a lot easier. I hope the rest of your pregnancy flies by! I bet it will go by quicker if you DON’T give up the ice cream. :-0 😉

  2. 2
    Danielle says:

    When I had my glucose test, the drink was SO GOOD. It was orange flavored, and the best thing I had tasted in a long time. I had the first appointment of the day, and the medical assistant gave me the drink immediately. The doctor was not even in the office yet.
    The doctor saw me during the hour wait. Annalise was kicking really hard. My doctor exclaimed, “She is enjoying the sugar”.
    It sounds like in your doctor’s office, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. You do sound like you have an awesome doctor, tho. I was glad when the glucose test came back negative so that I could continue to eat ice cream.

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