Don’t Forget! "Dinosaur Train" is Coming Soon! (Review & Reminder)

Remember when I posted the news that PBS Kids was adding a new show to their line up this fall? Well, I’ve actually seen several episodes of Dinosaur Train, and because I loved it so much, I want to make sure you don’t miss an episode of the fantastic Dinosaur Train!

Dinosaur Train premiers Monday, September 7th on PBS KIDS®. Be sure to check your local listings for time and channel!

PBS sent us an episode of Dinosaur Train to test out on my kids. Can I just tell you how much they love this show? In the time we have had the DVD, my kids have probably watched the episode 5,000 times. I am not kidding. Lucy, my two year old, has the entire episode memorized, and can quote it word for word. Her favorite part, though, is singing along with the songs. “I’m a Hungry, Hungry Herbivore” is one that we sing all day long. And I’ve had it stuck in my head more times than I can count. The kids love it, though, because when it’s stuck in my head, I’ll sing it out loud. They’ll all join in, and soon I’ve got a whole chorus of Hungry Herbivores singing and dancing.

Because the kids have watched the Dinosaur Train episodes so much, I’ve also had the opportunity to watch it many, many times over. You know what? It doesn’t get boring! I know repetition is good for kids, but it tends to get on our nerves, right? (Come on. Admit it. I’m a mom of 5. I know the truth.) But, honestly? This show is fantastic. I never got annoying, and the fun, fast pace of the show keeps it from getting old. And did I mention the songs? Oh, how I just love the songs.

Obviously, Dinosaur Train is going to be a big hit here at our house. We’re so excited to see more episodes and find out what Buddy and the Pteranodon family are up to, and what they learn while riding the Dinosaur Train!

Haven’t heard what Dinosaur Train is all about? Here’s a sneak peek:

And to view an entire episode, you can click here.

And, remember, you can learn lots more about Dinosaur Train by going to You can learn all about the characters on Dinosaur Train, learn all about dinosaurs (Jace *loves* this section!), and even watch a full episode of Dinosaur Train. The website is a fantastic resource and is tons of fun for kids. Be sure to check it out!

Tune into PBS Kids this Labor Day, Monday, September 7th, to watch the premier of Dinosaur Train!

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    My kids absolutely enjoys dinosaur train. I'm just waiting for the DVD to show up so I stop using my DVR to record it.

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    My son LOVES the Dinosaur Train! ! He's learned all of his dinosaurs from watching it and I enjoy it myself! 🙂 The only problem, we need some party supplies! haha Birthday coming up and there's no dinosaur train stuff. . Other than that it's great!

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