Don’t Forget to Grab Your Free Tutu Lesson!

Have you stopped by the Miss Tutu website yet and signed up to receive your free instructional video from her e-course?

No? Well, why not? What are you waiting for?

Maybe you’re afraid that you’re going to get hooked into buying the whole course. After all, there’s always a catch. Right?

There’s no catch, though. You get your free instructional video, and you don’t have to buy a thing.

Now, you CAN buy the instructional course if you want to, and learn how to make amazingly fabulous no-sew tutus in your own home. Plus, I can even give you a coupon code that will help sweeten the deal.

Head over to and sign up for your free lesson. (Make sure you tell her Angie sent you.) If you already have, or if you decide you want to buy the entire e-course and make dozens of gorgeous tutus, use the code 5MONKEYS at checkout and you’ll save $7 off the course! (You get tons of instructions, valued at $147, for just $20! And you get a 60 day money-back guarantee. What have you got to lose?!)

You’ll learn how to make the following tutus with this course:

  • Basic No-SewTutu
  • ReversibleTutu
  • 2 Different Lengths Tutu
  • Extra Thick and Fluffy Tutu
  • Ribbon Waist Tutu 
  • Empire Waist Tutu Dress
  • Triple Layer Tutu
  • Halter Dress Tutu
  • Tutu with Ribbon Strands
  • Petti Tutu
  • Tutu Onesie
  • Tutu Overalls
  • Jean Tutu
  • Ribbon Tutu Skirt
  • Tutu with Leftover Tulle

I’ve seen lots of tutu instructional videos in the past, but never one at this price with so much information packed inside!

So, QUICK! Before it’s too late… head to and sign up for your free video. Then, once you see how easy Miss Tutu makes it, save $7 and grab the entire course for just $20. (Make sure you use the code 5MONKEYS to get your discount!)

You’ll be glad you did!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post. However, I am involved in a contest on the Miss Tutu site to see which blogger can bring in the most referrals to their website.

Photo Credit: The photo used in this post is my own. ©Angela Vinez, owner of The Picture Perfect Boutique.

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