Dressy Dribbles – My Review

Today I received the Car Seat Cover from Dressy Dribbles. I have to tell you, I was SO excited to see that this was one of the prizes in the Virtual Baby Shower!

I first saw Dressy Dribbles on MomDot.com in a giveaway. I tried so hard to win it, but didn’t. I then made sure to bookmark Dressy Dribble’s website so that I could figure out how to save up enough money to purchase an infant carseat cover. The one that won my heart was the Rock Star design. All the designs are beautiful, but something about the camo and the orange just makes my heart skip a beat.

When I got the package today, there was an added surprise! Jennifer from Dressy Dribbles had thrown in the matching blanket. I immediately opened it up and I was blown away with how soft it was! I sat the box on the floor to email Jennifer, and Lucy walked over to the box. She “pet” the blanket for 10 minutes just saying over and over, “So soft, mama. So soft.” I’m thinking she likes it, too!

I read the enclosed directions on how to install the carseat cover. Talk about easy! In less than 5 minutes, we went from this:


I absolutely could not believe how easy it was to put on! This will be perfect when the cover gets dirty and needs washed. No fuss at all, just snap off, wash, and snap back on! I wish I had had one of these for all of my kids!

Look how snuggly Parker looks in there:

It was so soft and warm in there. He never made a peep the whole time he was in it, and the entire time we were out and about tonight.

Here are a few more pictures:

While we were out tonight, I had 5 different people comment on the cover. It’s just that nice. Jennifer, send me some business cards. I’d love to pass them out whenever anyone asks about the cover!

I love, love, LOVE this car seat cover, and recommend Dressy Dribbles to anyone who has an infant or toddler in a car seat. (They make toddler covers, too!!)

I’m definitely going to be shopping with Dressy Dribbles again in the future. I’d like to get a cover for Lucy’s seat, and Parker will need a new one when he moves up to the toddler car seat.

A HUGE thank you to Dressy Dribbles for offering this as a prize, and for the matching blanket. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity! You’ve got an amazing product, and I’ll gladly be telling everyone I know to go get one for their kids!

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  1. Angie,

    Parket is defintely a Dressy Dribbles Rock Star! I couldn’t help but smile when looking at all the wonderful pictures. It is so much fun providing moms with beautiful practical things. Just think you will never have to remove and disassemble a car seat to clean it again! I’ll send you some brochures and business cards ASAP!

    Happy Holidays,