Dudley’s Solo (Review)

I love books. I love reading. Reading to my kids, and watching them read are two things I enjoy most in this world.

I was recently given the opportunity to review Dudley’s Solo. Written by Tiffany Alexander and Illustrated by Jeremiah Carstarphen, Dudley’s Solo is about a sweet little boy who wants nothing more than to perform in his Children’s Band’s choir concert. The only thing is, Dudley is deaf.

Even though he is deaf, it still doesn’t stop him from doing what all of his other friends do. He performs in the choir concert, and he even gets to do a solo!

This was such a sweet little book. I love the values portrayed in it. It teaches kids to embrace each other – we’re all different, but we’re all special. Dudley’s friends wanted Dudley to be a part of the concert just as much as he wanted it.

The kids all loved the book. Zander had a tough time with some of the names, (Ebenezer, Esmerelda, Dezzi, and Tito), but after reading them several times, he had no more problems.
To learn more about Dudley’s Solo, and to purchase your copy, go to www.ChildrensBand.com. It’s a cute little website, and you can also learn more about each of the characters from the book over there.

Thanks for the opportunity to review this wonderful little book. It’s been the perfect addition to our home library!

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    I’ll have to check this out at the library. I have an obsession with children’s books!

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