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vote for lucy

Ok, so this hair bow contest is driving me crazy. Every time I catch up or pass the first person in the competition, she ends up getting more votes. The back and forth is driving me batty!

Now, I’m ready to kick some tail, so I’m giving you 10 extra entries into ALL of my giveaways today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, if you vote for Lucy. (Lucy is #5 – she’s holding Gage.) That’s 30 extra entries in as many of my giveaways as you want to enter over the next few days – just for making a quick vote.

In order to claim your extra entries, you must tell me one thing in each of the 10 comments you leave on each post: I need to know what number your vote brought the current total to. For example, if you selected #5 and clicked “Vote Now” and the total in column #5 went up to 121, your comments would look like this:

Voted for Lucy. 121 #1

Vote for Lucy. 121 #2

and so on.

Make sense?

And if you’ve already voted today, be sure to claim your eight extra entries.

My mom is coming into town tonight, so I’ll be scarce the next few days. I’d love to see this contest end with a bang!

Thanks for all your help!

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    I voted for Lucy today, sweetheart! The total went up to 158, SO CLOSE to the other frontrunner. What an exciting contest! I will vote again tomorrow. Good luck!!!

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