Eat! Move! Play! A Parent’s Guide for Raising Healthy, Happy Kids (Review)

In this fast-paced world, raising kids who are healthy and happy can be difficult. We live in the era of fast food and video games, so how do we convince our kids to get up, get moving, and eat right?

Weight Watchers recently released a book called Eat! Move! Play! A Parent’s Guide for Raising Healthy, Happy Kids.

Before I get to my review of the book, here’s what you can expect to find in this book:

The commonsense parent’s guide to developing smart, healthy eating habits in their children.

Whether it’s 24/7 snacking, daily fast-food runs, or nonstop video-game marathons, nowadays it’s tougher than ever to get kids to eat right and move more. Yet it is possible to encourage nutritious eating habits and a healthy active lifestyle in your kids—if you have the right tools. Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! gives you trusted information on how to develop and maintain the right habits for keeping the whole family happy and healthy.

Designed to help you become a healthier role model for your children, Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! demystifies the four vitally important elements for a healthy lifestyle, including developing a positive body image; a taste for wholesome, nutritious foods; smart eating habits; and a love of physical activity.
Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! shows that when followed consistently, just a few simple household rules and practices are all it takes to get and keep your family living a healthy, active lifestyle.

My Review of Eat! Move! Play!
I recently received a copy of Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! to review with my family. It has officially become my “go-to” book for recipes, tips, and ideas for keeping my kids on a healthy track.

The very first thing that caught my eye when the book arrived was the orange circle on the cover that said: “75+ Recipes Your Kids Will Actually Eat!” I had to stifle a giggle, because these authors don’t know my kids. They won’t eat anything. I couldn’t wait to give it a try and see which one of us was right!

I tried the Turkey and Rice Mice first. My kids scarfed them down and begged for more! They loved them. The next night, we tried the Ham & Turkey Stromboli. Another instant hit, and one that we’ll be making around here a lot more often. Jace’s favorite were the Hummus Heads. We had a ball making funny faces, and the kids enjoyed eating them almost as much as they did making them! While my kids wouldn’t try all of the recipes in the book, they were really excited about many of them, and we’ve got some new “regulars” in our weeknight meals.

Along with tons of really great recipes, there was so much more included in this book. It’s definitely not just another recipe book. The book starts out with 5 rules for keeping you family fit in today’s world. It also offers quizzes to help you discover your parenting style and tips to improve ways of communicating with your children.

Another section that I’m really glad was included was the part that contained the charts for the “Healthy Weight Classes” for kids ages 2 to 20. Parker has always been at the bottom end of the spectrum, but now I can use this chart to keep a closer eye on his weight and see when it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed by his pediatrician. Another great inclusion in this book? The section that tells you how to address the issue of a healthy weight with your child and their doctor.

Overall, this is a great book to have on hand. Chock full of recipes, tips, and tons of really great advice for keeping your kids active all year round, this is certain to become one book you’ll be picking up often. And at a retail price of just $19.95, it’s a small price to pay for a wealth of information.

The book is available for purchase at many local bookstores, from (for just $13.57!) and from Wiley Publishing. Grab your copy today, and get your family on the healthy eating, healthy living track!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of Krupp Kommunications on behalf of Wiley Publishing. They sent a complimentary copy of the book mentioned above to me to get my honest review. The free product in no way influenced my opinion, and I was in no other way compensated for this post. My opinions are 100% my own. Other users may have different results when using this product. Some links in this post may be Amazon Associate links and may give me a small compensation when the book is purchased through that link.

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