Eating Right Kids (Review)

When I was a kid, my Daddy packed my lunch every day. The moment it was lunch time, I’d pull everything out and immediately start swapping my items for something yummier (and definitely not nutritious). Now there’s a way to encourage kids to eat foods that are better for them.

Safeway and Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes have teamed up to create Eating Right KidsTM to bring you meals, snacks, cereals, and drinks your kids will love – and you’ll feel good about giving them! Not only is the Eating Right Kids a full line of foods that are tasty, but it’s been formulated to standards based on the most recent dietary recommendations and regulations from several federal and state agencies.

Some Facts About Eating Right Kids

  • Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered exclusively with Safeway to offer a “better for you” eating solution for kids – the Eating Right Kids food and beverage line, featuring our favorite Looney Tunes characters.
  • The product line features more than 60 items across 18 categories includeing breakfast food, produce, portable meals, dairy, snacks, beverages, and frozen entrees.The line is available at more than 1700 Safeway locations throughout the US and Canada.
  • In addition to partnering with Safeway for Eating Right Kids, Warner Bros. Consumer Products has taken the extra step of clearing retail shelves of the majority of foods featuring Looney Tunes that do not meet a “better-for-you” standard. (Way to go, Warner Bros.!!)
  • Eating Right Kids is an offshoot of Safeway’s Eating Right line for adults.
  • Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ and Safeway’s Eating Right Kids initiative was highlighted by the Federal Trade Commission for its ability to have a positive impact on childhood obesity.

My Review of Eating Right Kids
Team Mom sent us an Eating Right Kids lunch bag full of goodies to test out. Inside the bag, we found the following items:

  • Whole Wheat Macaroni & Beef with Tomato Sauce Microwaveable Meal.
  • Snack Bowl of Mixed Fruit
  • Mixed berry Chewy Bar with Milk Chocolate Coating
  • 10 oz 100% Apple Juice

As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for fast, nutritional lunch ideas. No, I don’t have to worry about my kids swapping out their lunches without my knowledge, but I do have a problem with them wanting to snack all day long. I love the healthy snack options that the Eating Right Kids line offers, and the kids love the taste! It’s a win-win for everyone! The chewy bars and the fruit cups are both great items to have on hand, and are the perfect size to give my kids for that mid-afternoon snack. I don’t have to worry about them spoiling their dinner, and I can feel good knowing that the snacks they are eating are good for them.

The microwaveable meal was the perfect size for Ashley. She said it tasted great, and it filled her up. I love that they use whole grain pasta in the meal. And I love the size of the cup. So many times the individual microwaveable meals are so small that you feel like you could eat 3 of them before you’re full. But, at 15 ounces, these Eating Right Kids Microwaveable meals are the perfect size for older kids – and parents, too!

Not only are these items great for packing in lunches, they’re also great for a quick dinner at home with minimal clean up. There are so many times we have to eat and run, and these are a great way to make a healthy dinner fast! They get 2 thumbs up from me – and from my whole crew!

If you want to try the new Eating Right KidsTM food line, head to your nearest Safeway store and stock up!

Thank you to Team Mom for sending me the samples of the Eating Right Kids food line and allowing me to write this review.

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