Ebeanstalk & International Playthings (Review)

Picking out toys for your kids is not easy. You want something high quality, educational, and won’t break the bank. And, you don’t want to buy items that are educational, but your kids don’t enjoy. No one wants a box of learning toys that sits in the closet until you finally decide to sell them in a yard sale for pennies on the dollar.

Well, I want to tell you about a toy website called ebeanstalk. They are dedicated to selecting good, safe learning toys and baby gifts. And they want help from moms like me to help pick the toys.

The toy ebeanstalk sent me to review is called The Swirly Orb from International Playthings, a company that makes fun and educational baby toys.

My Review of ebeanstalk.com and International Playthings
The first thing I noticed when I visited the ebeanstalk website is how focused on learning they are. They want their toys to be fun, of course, but even more than that, they want their toys to be educational and help children developmentally also. What mom wouldn’t love that? They even have a team of experts to help select the very best learning and developmental toys!

From their website:

Our team of child specialists brings a comprehensive approach to child development. Using their collective experiences – Shari, Andy, Deanie, Jenn, Barbara, and Gopi – ensure each and every facet of child development is covered. Specifically, they looked at over 10,000 toys, selected the best learning toys and matched each to a stage of development. They also create graduated play ideas for each toy, author the eBeanstalk instruction cards, answer great FAQs, and much, much more.

For great information and guidance on child development, please read their
FAQs, articles, and learn about the developmental milestones of children.

Now, I know you’re dying to know what Parker thought of the Swirly Orb that ebeanstalk sent us to test out.

I am happy to say, he LOVED it. He’s finally at the stage where toys just fascinate him, and this one was no exception. He had a ball picking up the ball, dropping it, and slamming his hand against it to make the end of it squeak. I also noticed his fine motor skills getting a workout as he would guide the objects along the swirls, and use one little finger to spin the ball on the end. And his sensory development also got a workout as he was just in awe of the movement of everything on the ball. Another great point? No batteries. I love toys that don’t require batteries!

Overall, I am quite please with everything about ebeanstalk and with International Playthings. I would definitely recommend this website and these toys to any mom who is looking for high-quality, reasonably-priced, educational, and FUN toys for their children.

Many thanks to ebeanstalk for allowing me to test out the Swirly Orb. Parker enjoys it so much, and I love how educational it is!

I also wanted to let you know that right now, ebeanstalk is offering FREE shipping on orders over $65. Just enter code FREESHIP$65 at checkout.

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