End of the Year Teacher Gifts

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This year, I did something very similar to what I did in 2011 at Christmas for teacher gifts. I just changed it up a little bit.

I started by having each of the kids write down 25 – 30 words and/or phrases to describe their teacher(s). I don’t help them with this at all. I make them come up with the words and phrases all by themselves. It sounds like a lot, but once they get going, it’s harder to get them to stop than it was to get them started.

Then, using my photo editor, I turned those words and phrases into a 5×7 sized word art and then put it in a frame. Each teacher also received a blue mason jar full of freshly picked buttercups.

Here are pictures of each of the teachers’ gifts….

First, is Lucy’s teacher, Mrs. Arnick. Lucy was in Kindergarten this year, and this was her first experience with any type of school setting. She ended up just loving her teacher and her class. She excelled in everything and has gone from not being able to read or write anything to reading level 2 books and writing full sentences. (Some sentences I have to have her read to me, but she’s doing great!) Her favorite subject this year was math. She was the first kid in her class to count all the way to 100. (And she does this at least 50 times a day for me at home.) I loved the phrases that Lucy came up with to describe her teacher: “She listens when I talk to her.” or “Reads to us.” “Super good teacher.” Lucy said that her teacher loved her gift. 🙂

kindergarten teacher gift

Next, we have Jace’s teacher, Mrs. Bridges. I was really worried about how Jace would do in school this year. Last year, he had the most amazing teacher. She is a good, godly woman, and she has become such a good friend to the family. I was sure, though, that Jace’s teacher this year wouldn’t hold a candle to Mrs. Evans. I was wrong. Jace ended up getting a teacher this year that is exactly what he needed: another godly woman who poured her heart and soul into teaching these kids. Jace took to her like glue this year, and he came home crying yesterday (the last day of school) because he’s moving out of the primary school next year and he won’t get to see Mrs. Bridges every day. Jace’s words to describe Mrs. Bridges made me cry, “She loves Jesus and isn’t afraid to show it.” “I can talk to her about anything.” “I can trust her.” Jace also said that she cried when she opened her gift. <3

second grade teacher gift

Lastly, Zander had two teachers this year: Mrs. Garrison and Mrs. Todd. We had a hard time with Mrs. Garrison, but luckily, Mrs. Todd was there to help pull Zander through this year. He finished the year with straight As and a perfect score on the English CRCT. (State mandated end of the year testing.) Plus, he exceeded in every other subject on his CRCTs. I really think that’s because of Mrs. Todd and her help this year. Here is Mrs. Garrison’s gift:

fourth grade teachers gift

When I sat down to work on these (at 11pm the night before the last day of school), the first paper full of descriptions that I read was Mrs. Todd’s. I absolutely lost it. Phrases like “A good person that loves children.” “A godly woman.” “A good influence.” all filled the page. But the one that got me most was, “I can talk to her when no one will listen.” That’s the kind of teacher Zander needs, and I am so thankful Zander got it in Mrs. Todd.

fourth grade teacher gift

I created the artwork with Photoshop CS, printed on cardstock, and put into a 5×7 frame from the Dollar Store. The blue mason jars came from Amazon.  The tags on the jars came from Party On Designs. (It’s a free printable.)

This is a fun, easy gift to create, and it comes from the heart.

Are you doing teacher gifts this year? If so, what are they?

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  1. 1
    winavie says:

    Cute idea! I might have to copy!

  2. 2
    Hal From Swagbucks says:

    Such a clever idea! My sister-in-law is a teacher and I know she would love receiving one of these!

  3. 3
    Miranda Lansberry says:

    Angie, I’d love to do this, but I’m having a problem making the print. I’m not good with photo editor (read: I don’t know how at all). I tried making a wordle (wordle.net), but I’m not getting the results I want. Any suggestions?

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