Father’s Day Gifts Were a Hit!

Last week, I told you that the kids and I were working on some handmade Father’s Day gifts for hubby.

I am pleased to say, he *LOVED* them! All day long, hubby kept telling me how much he loved everything.

When I posted, I didn’t have pictures of the completed projects, because they weren’t finished yet. We finished them up on Saturday, and here are the results:

Dad Rocks Father's Day Gift

Kids Hand Prints Project for Father's Day

To learn how I made these, click here: Getting Crafty with the Kids

And here’s a picture of the framed “Dad” print from ScrapWalls.com – It looks *awesome*! I am so glad I purchased this deal from PlumDistrict, because it made his entire day. He loved looking at all the pictures.

Dad picture from scrapwalls.com
Want to see what big project I’m starting next? It’s a Ragamuffin Memo Garland. I have tons of old baby clothes that have little stains or signs of wear on them, or they’re just special to me. I figure this will be the perfect way to keep them forever and give them new life!

Tell me, How was Father’s Day for the Daddies in your life?

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    That framed Dad print is awesome. I can see why he was so happy with his gifts.


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