February 10th

Jace and I were sitting upstairs on the couch this morning, and Zander had been downstairs playing with Ashley. Z comes upstairs and starts yelling, “Robin, Robin!” (He was talking to Jace – it’s the Robin from Batman.) Here’s how their conversation went….

Zander: Robin! Do you want to go in the submarine? The joker is down there, and we need to stop him.
Jace: I’m not Robin, I’m Cat-baby.
Zander: No. You’re Robin. You have to be. You have to help me beat the Joker.
Jace: I am Cat-BABY!
Zander: But you have to be someone else. Can you be Robin and Cat-baby?
Jace: No. I is cat-baby, and I don’t like water. You go play in the submarine.
Zander: Ok. Bye!
Jace (after a long pause): Wait for me!!!

Part Two
I was coloring my hair today, and as I was letting it sit on my hair for awhile, Zander came up to me and said, “Mom. When you wear your hair like that, you look beautiful.” I know he said it because I got my hair cut today and it turned out terribly. Sweet little Zander was only trying to make me feel better. What a sweetheart.

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