February 13th

Part One
Ashley and I were sitting on the couch this afternoon while the boys were napping, and we were watching All My Children. (Yes, I watch soap operas. Judge me later.)
Ashley turns to me and asks, “When someone dies on a soap opera, does that person really die?”
I looked at her to see if she was being serious or if she was just joking. Her face was as serious as could be. So, she kept going on with the question… “Because, really, why would you want to be on a soap opera if they’re just going to kill you!?” At this point, I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer. I explained that the person doesn’t die, the “character” does – and half the time, they’re not even really dead on soaps! She was still completely confused, and she asked, “But, Robin (from General Hospital) got shot, and she had blood everywhere. There’s no way they could fake that.” SIGH. It’s a good thing she was born a blond. It fits her well some days.

Part Two
After dinner, the boys were hyper, and Gene and Zander were playing in the kitchen. Zander would run up to Gene and say, “You’re funny!” So, Gene would say back to him, “No, YOU’RE funny!” This continued for a few minutes, and all of a sudden, Jace comes out of nowhere, runs up to Gene and says, “You’re funny lookin’!”

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    If you watch the bold and the beautiful- how many times did Hunter Tylo’s character, Taylor Forrester die and come back to life? And the last time, her husband married someone else in the meantime, making him stuck with two wives when she came back. Explain that to Ashley, lol.

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    My daughters are both blondes.

    I field questions like that on a daily basis.

    They must get it from their father. LOL.

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