February 14th

A few from today……

For Valentine’s Day, I got each of the kids a pack of stickers (well, all but Lucy). Ashley got butterflies, and the boys each got 3-D Spiderman stickers that came with 3-D glasses. Zander gets his open and says, “Mom! This is what I always wanted! How did you ever know?”

Jace was “flying” around the room at top speed. All of a sudden, he runs to Gene and yells, “I am Super JJ! You better catch me…. OR ELSE!”

I wish with all my heart that we had a video camera. I would like nothing more than to post the way Zander was acting tonight. He’s decided that it’s hysterical to snort when you’re laughing. I will admit, I’ve been known to snort when something really makes me laugh. We can’t figure out if he’s laughing this way because of how *I* laugh, or because of the pigs on Barnyard. Either way, he cracks himself up when he does it. Someday I’ll have that video camera, and someday I’ll be able to share it with you. For now, you’ll just have to trust me!

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