February 15th

This afternoon, Zander absolutely would not go down for his nap. He spent 2 hours in his room, talking and singing to himself. I told him that since he wouldn’t obey, he wasn’t allowed to play his Spiderman game for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

When he got up, the first thing he asked was if he could play his game. I, of course, being the mean Mommy that I am, told him no. He went into the bathroom and told Gene on me. Apparently, Gene told him that maybe if he was a good boy and said he was sorry for not listening, Mommy would let him play his game. (Maybe being the key word.) Zander comes over to me and says, “Daddy said that if I say sorry to you, he’ll let me play my game.” Nice try! I said, “I’m sorry, but you didn’t obey me. You’re not allowed to play your game.”

All of a sudden, his eyes well up with tears, his bottom lip starts quivering, and he says, “Mommy, I’m really sorry. Can you please let me play my game?”

Nothing like tugging at the heart strings! So, I caved, and he was allowed to play his game…. all was right in his little world again after that………… until bedtime, when it was another fight all over again. SIGH.

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    Girl – I have a 5 yr old that I don’t think has slept more than a hand full of nights in her short life span.

    I pick my battles with her on that. Her “lack of sleep” (she’s just difficult to get down) doesn’t seem to affect anything otherwise, so I let it slide that she lies awake for a while each night talking to herself, singing and playing under-the-cover games.

    I am still trying to figure out how to “Bottle” the endless energy that child has.

    When I figure out how to do it, I’ll be a BILLIONAIRE! :o)

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