February 22nd

After Zander woke up from his nap, (Yes! He actually took one today!), he must have been dreaming about the movie Barnyard or just had Barnyard on the brain. Here’s what he told me:

“Mom, Otis came to our door and told me that his daddy died. I told him that I will take care of him. Is that ok?”

To which I responded:
“But, honey, do you know how to take care of a cow?”

He thought for a minute and said,
“Yep. I feed him pizza and milk and get him a mitrophone (microphone) so he can sing songs. And we need a box for Wild Mike because he has to come, too. Can we build a barn in the front yard? I think he’d like it better than the back yard. Oh, and he needs somewhere to sleep. Can Jace sleep in your room so Otis can share mine? And Daisy and Baby Ben can sleep in your office. Maddie can share Lucy’s room with her. Is that ok? I need to tell him if it’s ok.”

Always thinking… this child has quite the imagination. And, man, he just never stops talking!

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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