Hubby finally got to feel the baby move last night! It wasn’t a lot, but Parker gave us a nice swift kick to my gut, and hubby felt it!

I’m looking forward to the point where you can actually see the baby move in my belly… and elbow or a knee poking out here or there. The kids get more excited then, and hubby does, too.

Lulu talks to my belly all the time now. It’s so sweet! She’ll say hello, and just say, “Baby, Baby” over and over. When she’s had enough, she squeezes my belly for a great big hug, kisses my belly button, and says, “Bye, bye, Baby!” I just love it!

Doctors appointment in the morning, so I’ll update more then!!

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    Hi there, my first time visiting! When I saw “Fifth” I had to come look. I thought I was going to just burst from shock when I found out I am pregnant with number 3, but I thought, hey if there’s a lady out there that can do 5, I can surely handle 3.

    By the way…belly jiggles were always the best part of pregnancy for me. Sounds like you’re almost there.

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