First Prenatal Appointment

Since we’re in Georgia now, it meant that I had to find a new doctor. I heard through the grapevine that there was a doctor in our county that specializes in high risk pregnancies and womens issues. My first appointment was with her this afternoon. Perfect day to go to the doctor since the morning sickness has been AWFUL today, I figured maybe she could see how miserable I was and offer some relief.

I walk into the doctors office and fill out the necessary paperwork. A little while later, the nurse calls me back. I get on the scale, (we’ll just skip that part from now on – considering I haven’t even lost the weight from Ms. Lulu yet!), give my “sample,” and head back to a room. The nurse takes my tempreature, blood pressure, pulse – all the normal stuff. Then, I sit and wait for the doctor.

A few minutes later, the door opens, and in walks the TALLEST, prettiest, and youngest doctor I have ever seen. Now, I am 5 foot 9, so I’m not a short person, but this doctor made me feel short, fat, and ugly just by looking at her! We talked for a few minutes, and I came to find out that she is also the NICEST doctor I have ever seen in my life. We discussed all of the other pregnancies (preterm labor with all of them, bed rest with all of them, JJ’s knot in his cord, Lulu’s 2 vessel cord, etc., etc., etc.) and she immediately labeled me as a high risk pregnancy. Now, in our town, this could be a big problem. The hospitals here are not equipped to handle babies born before 36 weeks. If something happens, I will need to go down to Gainesville. (Which is about an hour and a half to two hours away!) She decided that for my 20 week appointment/ultrasound, she’ll send me down to Gainesville to meet their high-risk specialist. That way, he and I will have met, and I’ll be a little more comfortable with heading down there if something were to happen.

I spent about an hour total with the doctor, and left feeling better than I EVER have after a doctor’s visit. It’s going to be SO nice seeing ONE doctor instead of one of 6 in the practice.

On Thursday, I go for a dating ultrasound and just to make sure everything is going well. Since my cycle was so far off, this may push my due date back a little farther. I guess we’ll see on Thursday!

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    I bet the doctor realized that she had met the best mom in GA! 🙂 Glad it went well!

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