Follow Friday: Week 11

This week for Follow Friday, I’m offering up a shameless plug. As most of you know, I run Buy By Mom and the Buy By Mom Blog. I support Moms in business and help spread the word about them. I want people to see that there are some absolutely amazing Moms out there in business, and I want their businesses to be the FIRST place people go when they need to make a purchase.

When I originally set up Buy By Mom, I used WordPress. After all, I’d heard such wonderful things about it. Cat from 3 Kids and Us was absolutely fantastic in helping me set it up. I’ve tried for almost 7 months now, but I hate WordPress. We don’t get along, and I can’t continue to call on Cat to answer every one of my questions. She’s got a life of her own, and I need something I can update myself.

So, I’ve switched the Buy By Mom Blog over to blogger……. which means I lose everything – my Page Rank, my Followers, even all my posts. I’m working hard to move all the posts and everything over, it’s just very slow going because it’s so time consuming. I’m still trying to find the perfect way to move all of the mom shops & blogs links over, and I should have that all finished up today. After all, that’s the whole point behind Buy By Mom!

On July 1st, Buy By Mom will be hosting an Americana Bash. It will run all month long, and it will feature 31 awesome sponsors. There will be a giveaway each day, and more chances for even more prizes! I hope that you’ll visit Buy By Mom and the Buy By Mom Blog all next month and enter to win lots of fabulous items. And be sure to help spread the word!

And if you feel so inclined, please help build up my Followers again… the blog will be follow worthy, I promise! Click here to see the new blog and to become a Follower: Buy By Mom Blog

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