Follow Friday: Week 32

This week, I want you all to head over and follow the Yoursphere for Parents Blog. Written by Mary Kay, the mastermind behind Yoursphere, this blog gives parents the information and tools they need to help put their child’s online and social networking safety first. It’s about time we found something like this on the web, right?

Here’s some information about Mary Kay, taken from the Yoursphere for Parent’s site:

Mary Kay Hoal is a married mother of five children (both biological and adopted) ranging in age from 6 to 19 years of age. She is an accomplished media professional who took it upon herself to leave a successful career and take action to make safety and privacy a key priority for children online. She founded her own company, Yoursphere Media Inc., and launched and YoursphereForParents.

Originally motivated by the concern that registered sex offenders plague social networks and have access to children, after immersing herself in numerous online communities, Mary Kay found that many sites didn’t abide by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), nor did they leverage all the wonderful benefits of the Internet and social media: the connectivity, the creativity, the education, the fun. Instead, she found that children were exposed to content, people, and a culture that was of deep concern and left little regard for a child’s safety, privacy and their well-being.

Mary Kay knew there were other parents like herself that wanted something better for their children and that every child deserves to have access to the best the Internet and social media has to offer them.

As you can tell, Mary Kay is passionate about keeping kids safe online. That is something that is so important to me, considering the experience I had years ago.

Even if you don’t have kids that you have to worry about online, the Yoursphere for Parents Blog is still an excellent resource for keeping your own information safe and secure. It’s chock full of tons of information that everyone needs to know – no matter what their age. (Parents – also make sure you check out the monthly parent’s newsletter for even more information.)

If you’re concerned about online safety – whether it’s your child’s or your own, head on over to the Yoursphere for Parents Blog and subscribe. Or, add them to your blogroll and then check in often. (Be sure to leave them a comment and let them know how you found them!) Then, head back here and leave a link to a blog you love, or check out the links others have posted and leave your pick in the comments.

Mary Kay, thank you so much for Yoursphere and everything it stands for. I love that I don’t have to worry about what Ashley is exposed to when she logs into your website. And thank you for the parent’s blog. The information is so helpful to parents who may not understand just how dangerous the internet can be.

Is there a blog that you think deserves to be followed? Leave a link here, and I’ll consider featuring it in a future segment of Follow Friday. (Be sure to leave a comment and tell me why you think it’s “Follow Worthy.”)

Disclaimer: While I am participating in the Yoursphere Test Drive program by Mom Central on behalf of Yoursphere, and I received a free lifetime Gold membership on, Yoursphere t-shirts, and a $50 American Express gift card to facilitate my review of the website, I have selected the Yoursphere for Parents Blog as my follow worthy blog of the week because I feel it is full of important information that parents (and grown ups and kids!) need to be aware of.

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