Follow Friday: Week 34

Many of you know I have this desire to learn to sew and create that way. As it stands, I am terrible at it. I’m talking really bad. Give me a computer and a mouse and I can create until the cows come home. Give me a needle and thread, and the creativity just kind of stops cold.

But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the blogs where the authors can create by sewing. In fact, I just can’t get enough of browsing the web looking for new items these amazing women come up with. And one such blog that is my absolute favorite is Grosgrain.

Wow, wow, wow. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this designer impresses me. She offers great giveaways (go check out the Modern Bird Studios Guest Giveaway she has going on right now!), tips on turning a thrift store find into a million bucks, and DANG! She is GORGEOUS! She just turned 32 last week too, but she’s still looking quite fabulous! (I’m green with jealousy!)

If you aren’t following the Grosgrain blog, you need to be. Really! Don’t miss out on this one. You never know what you’ll find over there, but I can promise that you will be impressed.

Kathleen, thanks for such a great blog, and for all the inspiration you give to so many of us. You are truly amazing. I’d love for you to have this button, if you feel so inclined:

Is there a blog that you think deserves to be followed? Leave a link here, and I’ll consider featuring it in a future segment of Follow Friday. (Be sure to leave a comment and tell me why you think it’s “Follow Worthy.”)

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    Danielle says:

    If it's still important to you, don't give up. I was bored and insomniac at 4 am once and was watching a quilting show on DIY. The woman on the show made a "dumb" mistake and it was still aired. She just reversed it. She told the cameras, "See, even I make mistakes!"

    That blog sounds awesome. I will go check it out…

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