Follow Friday: Week 6

I am really late with this week’s Follow Friday! I’m sorry about that. Everyone is finally on the mend – for now – so I figured better late than never!

This week’s Follow-worthy blog is “Chronicles of Our Sweet & Sour Life.” The blog is written by Jenn, the founder of MUIB. Jenn is definitely not new to the blogging world, but this is a new blog. Jenn writes with an amazing talent. I truly admire this woman.

Here’s how Jenn describes herself: Homeschooling, freelance writing, work at home mom of four. Wife to a karaoke singing, fun loving, patient saintlike husband (like my Daddy always told me, it would take a STRONG and PATIENT man to put up with me!). Coffee addict. Laundry hater. Queen of Procrastination. Domestic Diva wannabe. Sarcastic and sassy. Emotional in your face, all or none kinda gal. Southern woman that loves sweet tea, collards, fat back and of course chicken and pastry. Bless my southern heart (and my cloggin’ arteries)!

Part of me wonders if we were really sisters born hundreds of miles apart. Now that I’m a Southern transplant, I’m finding I have more and more in common with Jenn every day. Of course, she can keep her collards. Ick. I made the mistake of ordering those at a restaurant once. I will never make that mistake again. But when it comes to everything else, she and I couldn’t agree more.

When you visit “Chronicles of Our Sweet & Sour Life,” you’ll find this at the top of the page: They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Dontcha wish it was always that easy? Some days are sweet, some are sour and some are bittersweet. Life is a journey. We live. We learn. We grow. It never hurts to add a dash of humor now and then.

And that’s exactly how Jenn is and how she writes. She pours her heart and soul into everything, and this blog is no exception. Let’s get this blog off to a great start for her, and get her the followers she deserves!

While you’re there, be sure to read this post. I swear, she and I are living identical lives just states apart. Either that, or stupid people are taking over the South. It’s a toss up.

Jenn, feel free to grab this button and place it on your blog. You know I’ll be by often to check on you!

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    Danielle says:

    I was thinking about follow Friday, but I am kind of out of awesome blogs I like.

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