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Jeff Corwin Explores Culinary Adventures in New Series
Get Ready to Be ‘Chopped’ With Special Four-Week Event

NEW YORK – August 20th, 2009 – Renowned for his expertise in wildlife and conservation, Jeff Corwin now sets his sights on exploring human culture through regional cuisine in his new series Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin premiering Thursday, September 17th at 9pm ET/PT. Food Network’s popular primetime series Chopped presents a special four-week event featuring previous winners competing against first-time challengers for the ultimate prize of $10,000 beginning Tuesday, September 8th at 9pm ET/PT .

Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin
Premieres: Thursday, September 17th at 9pm
Renowned for his expertise in wildlife and conservation, Jeff Corwin sets his sights on exploring human culture through regional cuisine in his first Food Network endeavor: Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin. With an open mind (and mouth), this thrilling primetime series follows the passionate foodie and anthropologist as he tears through exciting locales like Thailand, Mexico, Greece, Peru, Morocco, and the United States on radical culinary adventures. Learning from the natives, he samples the exotic foods and local customs that mold each community. Jeff enjoys countless surprises and unforgettable flavors during this fun-filled culinary quest – all in a day’s work!

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Jeff Corwin takes a wild journey through the culinary wonderland of Morocco. Off the coast of Essouraia, Jeff bobs in tiny boats, line fishing for gigantic conger eel. Then Jeff milks a camel to make an exclusive cheese and a traditional smen, a rancid butter that increases in value with age. Up to his ankles in goat dung, Jeff digs for elusive argon nuts, the main ingredient for the flavorful “liquid gold of Morocco” – argon oil. He hits up Marrakech to create a tagine, an earthen pot dish cooked in the furnace of a bathhouse, and a Bisteeya, the famous pigeon pie. A steep hike up to the High Atlas Mountains and the Berber village of Aguersuoual is the ultimate BBQ for Jeff where he cooks a whole ram in an underground oven.

Jeff Corwin makes his way back to beautiful Greece, where he spent time as a graduate student. On the island of Crete, Jeff power milks dozens of sheep in minutes and churns the results into a toulomotyrion, a soft cheese fermented in a goat’s stomach. The ultimate “guest” meal on Crete is slimy snails, so Jeff hunts them and slurps them down. He then goes underwater in a quest for octopus and the tasty roe of the spiny sea urchin. Catch in hand and with nerves of steel, he cooks up Kakavia, a fisherman’s stew with the dangerous “scorpion fish.” In the Peloponnesus, things heat up as Jeff skewers a whole lamb for the spit, complete with organs wrapped in intestines, called Kokoretsi, as an appetizer.

Premieres: Tuesday, September 8th at 10pm
This September, Chopped presents a special four-week event featuring previous episode winners who are returning to compete again. This time, previously victorious chefs risk becoming first-time losers as they take on new challengers. For the winner of each episode, the prize is $10,000 and the chance to compete again for more prize money in a battle against three new chopped champions.

Premieres: Tuesday, September 8th at 10pm
In the first installment of a special four-part series, previous Chopped champions return to compete again. When a Southern seafood specialty appears in the appetizer basket, two of the returning chefs have the added pressure of skillfully representing their roots. Then, in the entrée course, not every chef’s dish meets the mark in terms of portion size. Creativity and performance determines which champion earns the win and the chance to come back and take on three more previous Chopped winners.

Premieres: Tuesday, September 15th at 10pm
In part two of this special series, the reigning Chopped champion returns to battle for superiority in the kitchen against three more Chopped winners. When the chefs present their appetizers, the judges must do some investigating. Then for the entrée course, along with ground chicken and apples, the judges find a shocker on one of the chef’s plates. Which talented chef manages to pull out the win, and which chefs go home as first-time losers?

Premieres: Tuesday, September 22nd at 10pm
In this must-watch third installment of a special four-part series, the reigning Chopped champion and three other previous winners return to compete. In the appetizer round, the judges are baffled when one of the chefs chooses a very unusual method of cooking squab. In the entrée round, one contestant struggles to stay calm after discovering that three of the four items in the mystery basket are unfamiliar. Then in the dessert round, the chefs are dumbfounded by what they must combine with grapefruit. The chef that out cooks the competition is the one who comes back to battle it out all over again.

Premieres: Tuesday, September 29th at 10pm
In the final competition of the championship series, four Chopped champions face off for a chance to reclaim the title and bank an additional $10,000. When the chefs open up the appetizer basket and find bananas, endives and a whopper of a surprise, it becomes clear that to win it, these champs will have to bring it! Then in the entrée round, a melon mishap has the judges wondering how forgiving they should be. The ultimate Chopped champion will then be crowned!

Iron Chef America
The heat rises in Kitchen Stadium as Iron Chef America continues with brand-new episodes pitting the American Iron Chefs against fierce new competitors.
Premieres: Sunday, September 27th at 9pm
“Symon vs. Culinary Students”
In an unprecedented battle, the Chairman invites three culinary students from The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes to challenge Iron Chef Michael Symon, who takes on the upstarts with two of his own young protégées. Tune in to see whose cuisine reigns supreme!

Food Network Challenge
Each month, Food Network gets the competitive juices flowing with Food Network Challenge bringing viewers the biggest and most exciting food battles from around the world. With bragging rights and a $10,000 cash prize on the line, the Challenges are intense.
Premieres: Sunday, September 13th at 8pm
Amazing Pie Championship”
Follow four professional bakers as they head to Celebration, Fla., to compete in the National Pie Championships. Over 120 pies will be created, vetted and judged, but only one pie will be worthy of being named “Best In Show” earning the grand prize of $5,000.

Premieres: Sunday, September 27th at 8pm
“Fantasy Vacation Cakes”
Four top pastry chefs are challenged to create cakes that are inspired by the fun, food, and relaxation that they enjoyed on their four-day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. The pastry chefs must do their research while on board and include at least three elements from their cruise experience into their cakes. At the end of the cruise, one competitor takes home $10,000.

Ace of Cakes
Every week at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, it’s a new deadline and new situation. Ace of Cakes shadows Duff Goldman and his eclectic staff of culinary experts, artists and architects as they bake, construct and frost the most elaborate and unconventional cake creations imaginable.
Premieres: Thursday, September 10th at 10pm
Duff and his new buddy Brett make a cake for a Best Buddies International Gala hosted by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Ben engineers an evil robot cake from the BBC TV series “Dr. Who” that spins, yells and destroys. The entire bakery staff gets to settle some workplace grievances at Splatter Hill paintball field, and then Duff and Mary Alice make their long-awaited stage debut with the Annie National Tour.

Premieres: Thursday, September 17th at 10pm
Duff and the Charm City Cakes team create a cake in honor of Carnival’s new port in Baltimore. Duff then presents the cake to the captain and crew aboard the ship.

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