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I have recently become obsessed with Diaper Cakes. I love them. I think they are the coolest present that you could buy for someone who is expecting a baby. After all, who doesn’t need diapers with a new baby coming?! The whole process of a diaper cake is just such a cool idea. Rather than buying someone a pack or two of diapers, you can buy a cake based around the mother-to-be’s likes, the nursery, or any other creative idea!

I’m always trying to find something new and different from what everyone else has to offer. When I happened up Lil Baby Cakes, I was floored! Their selection is amazing! The photos alone blew me away! Then, I started digging into the site a little deeper.

I started with the Diaper Cakes. After all, those are what caught my eye on the front page! As I started scrolling through all of the diaper cake choices, I couldn’t pick a favorite! They were all SO cute!! I decided to click on the 5 tier Safari Diaper Cake, because I do love my jungle animals! Then, I started reading about all the items included in the diaper cake:

  • Approximately 110 Pampers Swaddlers brand diapers (60 size 1, 50 size 2) – That’s a LOT of diapers!!
  • Soft Plush Giraffe Animal
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Soap, Bodywash, Lotion, Baby Powder & Shampoo
  • Two Washcloths For Babies
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Silk Flower Accents
  • High End Zebra Striped Ribbon & Bows

I couldn’t believe all the stuff that was included! Definitely worth every penny of the price!

After poking around the diaper cakes some more, I found the Baby Gifts. Really, really cute stuff! I love the Brown Spunky Satineesnugs and the My First Tool Set. Hubby would flip over that for Parker! I like that, again, they don’t offer the same stuff that everybody else does. Their products are unique and fun!

I kept poking around the site some more. I loved the Embroidered Little Prince Gift Set – SO cute!! There were lots of other things that were fabulous on there, but I kept coming back to the diaper cakes.

I came across the page that says they’d make the perfect Baby Shower Gifts. I think it’s a great idea for a centerpiece! And, the fact that it can be used by the mom-to-be makes it even better! Although, they’re just so pretty, I don’t know if I could bear to take it apart! I guess that’s why you take lots of pictures at a baby shower.

I think the best part is that not all of the diaper cakes are ridiculously expensive. The Mini Tickled Pink Diaper Cake (also available in Blue or Green is only $35 and still comes with 30 Pampers Swaddlers diapers. It’s really not a bad deal, and you could easily buy a couple for different tables at the shower.

I also noticed that they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee… which not many places have! But, it says right on their website:

Our Lil’ Baby Cakes “Word of Honor” Guarantee:
“100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back!”

Can’t beat that!

I’m really impressed with Lil Baby Cakes and their website and products. I’m holding onto their link for the next baby shower I host or friend that has a baby.

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    Holy cow! They don’t make diaper cakes like they used to, those are awesome!

  2. 2

    I got a diaper cake for the baby shower they threw me at work, and I loved it!!! You’re right, they are awesome. Mine didn’t have a theme, though, it was just a whole lot of pink ribbons and if I remember correctly, some pink tulle.

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    Bake Me A Cake! says:

    I LOVE Lil Baby Cakes!! They are the cutest diaper cakes in the world!

    For different look/style you could also try

    Best wishes to you on #5…
    I’m also due with #5 (after four girls)!

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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