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  • This morning I was helping Zander with his school work. In phonics, hehas to read the words in the left column and then write the words underthe correct picture on the page.

    He got stuck on the word”pane.” I had him do all of the other words he knew and then come backto that one. He got all of the other words finished and saw that allthat was left was the word pane and a picture of a window.

    He excitedly said, “Oh! I get it! A pane is when a window gets scratched!”

  •  This morning, the boys were counting. Zander can go past 100 now, so hewas showing off. Jace decided he wanted in on the action and startedcounting.


    Zander stopped him cold and said, “Jace! You skipped 16!”

    To which Jace replied, “I don’t know how to count to 16, so I just skip it!”

  •  I had a horrible migraine all day, and the boys didn’t understand thatI needed quiet. After the 15th time of telling them to lower theirvoices, I said, “You guys, I am so tired of telling you to be quiet!”To which Zander replied, “Well, if you’re tired of telling us, whydon’t you just stop?”
  • We were eating dinner tonight, and out of the blue, Zander asked, “Mom? Are you sure you weren’t around when Mary gave birth to Jesus?”

    Then,later that night, Gene gave me a kiss before he got his shower beforework. Jace looked at him and said, “Hey, she’s my wife.” After Geneleft the room, he told me that he was going to marry me just as soon ashe was a grown up. I told him that if he was going to marry me, weneeded a preacher, and asked him who the preacher would be. He said,”Daddy can be the preacher. He yells enough.”

  •  We have had major car trouble all day. My Expedition shakes like crazyand has absolutely no power. As we were driving to church this evening,we decided to turn around and go home. It just didn’t seem safe to bein the truck on the mountain roads.

    As we were heading backhome, the boys couldn’t figure out why we were going the wrong way.Zander shouted up to us, “Hey! Church is the other way! Preacher’sgonna get mad if we get lost!”

Hope those gave you a giggle!!

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