Frustration & Toddler Injuries

Yesterday, Lucy and the kids and I spent some time at my MIL’s house. Lucy was goofing off with a neighbor girl. The neighbor girl decided to put Lucy on her back, and as I yelled, “NO!” the neighbor girl flipped Lucy right off of her back and onto the ground. Lu landed right on her right arm. After that, she could barely get herself up to a standing position and get herself to the couch.

At first, I thought it was her wrist, but Lucy could bend her wrist and her elbow, but any time she tried to apply pressure to her arm, she would wince in pain. Being a mom – and a mom of 5, who has seen many injuries in her time – I knew something was wrong.

I had hubby take Lucy to the ER, because I have spent the last 3 weekends there. Well, he got there and there had been a horrible accident, and the ER was packed. He had to leave for work soon, so I had to go meet them at the ER.

I get there, and they finally take us back to Triage to evaluate Lucy’s toddler injury. By this time, Lucy is over the hurt and is ready to play. The nurse looks at her and tells me she’s fine. “No, she’s not. Something is wrong with her arm. Just watch her. She’ll baby it.” (That was me talking.) The nurse rolls her eyes and asks the doctor to come in. He bends Lucy’s arm, her elbow, pulls her arm up over her head and says, “She’s fine. If she’s still favoring her arm tomorrow, bring her back and we’ll do an x-ray.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Something is wrong with my child. So she’s not screaming in pain. I am her mother. I know her better than anyone. WHY is it so hard for someone to just listen to me?

I left the ER, as mad as fire. No one seemed to want to help my baby girl. I vowed that we would be back first thing in the morning.

That night, we stayed at my MIL’s. That way, if Lucy couldn’t make it through the night, I could just leave and not have to worry about the other kids.

Lucy had a really rough night. Every time she would roll over onto her arm, she would cry out in pain. The poor thing was hurting so badly.

At 7am, hubby got off work and picked Lucy up to take her back to the ER. Lucy ended up freaking out on him, though, so I met them over there. I arrived just in time for the x-rays. The doctor told me that she was certain Lucy’s arm wasn’t broken, but they would take an x-ray just to be sure.

Well, guess what the x-ray showed? A broken arm. In exactly the spot I had been showing them since last night. Yet, no one wanted to listen to me. Ridiculous.

They put Lucy’s arm in a splint and we’ll need to meet with an orthopedic doctor next week. Hopefully he’ll be a little more competent than the ER doctors.

The bummer is that it’s Lucy’s right arm that’s broken. The poor kid just learned to feed herself without making a mess. Now she’s got to reteach herself everything using her right hand. This could get interesting.

Lucy and Jace are my 2 daredevils, so it comes to no surprise that Lucy’s got her first broken arm at age two.

I do think the neighbor girl should have apologized, though. And maybe an ER doc or two.

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    Heather says:

    Oh my gosh, that makes me angry! I have also had doctors treat me like an idiot when I was right all along. I am so sorry you went through that but so glad she finally got taken care of. Do doctors mainly deal with hypochondriac Moms or do they just treat us all like that? 🙁 I have a lot of respect for the medical field but I have had so many bad experiences with my children. I have four.

  2. 2

    Mother's instinct…we so totally discount it so many times.

    Thank goodness she has been taken care of now.

    Poor Lucy-Loo…and poor YOU!


  3. 3
    Mommies-Miracles says:

    I agree with you about doctors, they can be real ***holes sometimes. Apparently as mothers we know nothing, remember, they're the experts. I was told my own arm wasn't broken a couple years back even though I could not move it at all. Idiots they are! I think us mommas would make better doctors. Poor Lucy, give her hugs for me and remember, kids playing, sometimes accidents do happen. I don't think the neighbor girl meant for this to happen.

  4. 4
    sheryl rexrode says:

    In my experiences, "lay people" don't know anything. If you go in and tell the dr what is wrong, he will ignore you, since "he knows best". So if you go in and say you're not sure, then he will take x-rays and get the "truth". I would FORCE a BIG case about it through your insurance and make sure the ins AND you don't get billed for both ER calls!!!!

  5. 5
    MonCherie says:

    Awww. I have fibromyalgia and that includes migraines, that sometimes make my left side numb. I was at the ER with my daughter's asthma issue, got that taken care of.
    Well, suddenly, I couldn't hear anything!! My head exploded and I couldn't feel my left side.
    The MEAN @ss nurse that was in the room with me, said "ok, Mom, we will give you the attention that you are craving" (my daughter told me this later) meanwhile, the doctor pushed her out of the way and yelled that I was having a stroke- called the ambulance. Turns out it was a migraine and I got hospitalized for 3 days.
    YOU BET I went back and told that nurse off, worte letrers to the board, etc- she had NO business being a nurse!
    I hope you have done the same.
    Hug Lu for me.
    pattidv at gmail dot com

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    Stephanie's Mommy Brain says:

    Oh man have I been there!! Last year my #2 child (Ben) pooped blood. LOTS. Fortunately he wasn't completely potty trained so I had some evidence in a dr. Off we go to the pediatricians office. The on-call doc looks at his bottom, are you sure he wasn't just straining from constipation, yada yada. Until she looked in the diaper. Then she sent me up to the children's hospital ER. Where we waited and waited. Only to have a young girl doctor try to send us home saying he had strained from constipation. WHATEVER. Thankfully our pedi. office fought her and we were admitted. Long story short. EACH doctor we saw over the 2.5 days we were there gave me the same spiel. EVEN right before his colonoscopy the dr. kept questioning me that he really pooped blood. Boy was she shocked to discover my baby had a benign polyp!!

    My conclusion on all things medical? MOM's know more than doctors do. I'm with my children 24/7, I should know when something isn't right.

    OK. I'll climb off my soapbox now and say that I hope the next dr. takes you more seriously. 🙂

  7. 7
    Mamatoosi says:

    It is so frustrating when doctors treat you like that! I always have to keep on my doctors to get results. Always! I won't go into all my stories, but I'm glad you stuck with your gut and went back!

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