Funny Conversations of 2007 Day 1 – 3

January 1st (actually happened on Dec 31st, and is why I decided to start this blog):
We got Taco Bell for lunch on our way home from church this afternoon. Zander always gets a taco and nachos & cheese. He licked the cheese off his finger, but there was too much and it was spicy. He turns to Gene with a look of sheer terror on his face and says, “My brain is hot!”

January 2nd:
Jace, talking to Zander: “Hold my hand. Hold my hand! Hold my haaaaand!!”
Zander: “OK, but don’t try anything funny!”

January 3rd:

Zander and I were talking today, and I said to him, “How did you know that?!”
He replied, “Because I’m so smart. Because I ate Smarties yesterday.”
I laughed, and Ash said, “So then I guess I’d better stop eating Nerds.”

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