Gene is taking Jace to the ER right now…. (Updated)

and I am in complete and utter panic mode. I still can barely move, so I had to make Gene take him in. I HATE not being the one there with my baby.

Jace has had a rash for a few days. I took him to the ER on Monday, after a bunch of running around with the doctor’s office/clinic/etc. (The doctor’s office refuses to see him, because he hasn’t had his well visit yet. His well visit can’t be until September, because he needs shots!! They said to go to a walk in clinic, but the clinic didn’t take our insurance, so we had to go to the ER.) The ER doc said it was just a virus and it needed a few days to go away.

This morning, the rash was all focused around his pee-pee and his butt. I figured it was because of his underwear.

Well, about 15 minutes ago, we were talking about dinner. He started whimpering and said, “I don’t think think I can eat because my tongue hurts.” I looked in his mouth, and his mouth is completely covered with this rash. It is AWFUL!

So, I called Gene to find out how long he’d be before he got home… luckily, he was right down the road. I made him take Jace in, and now I’m sitting here waiting.

I can’t even believe this. What a nightmare. Please send up any prayers you have for my baby boy! I’m so worried!

Edited to add:It’s hand, foot, and mouth disease. Seeing those blisters on his tongue, cheeks, and tonsils scared me to death. All I could think was that if it got any worse, he wouldn’t be able to breathe!! But, he’s just fine. Happily eating his Rainbow Sherbet for dinner. Thanks for your prayers!!!!!

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    SissyMerks says:

    How scary!! I hope your little guy feels better today! I don’t know much about hand, foot and mouth desease but I hope he recovers quickly!

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