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I am honored that I was selected to be a part of the General Mills Blog Tour through the Mom Bloggers Club!

On Wednesday, we received a package at our door. I noticed that it was from General Mills, and decided to let the kids open it. After all, they would be the ones who would be my official reviewers.

Imagine their surprise when they found a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch inside! They thought heaven had come straight to Earth, and it came by way of FedEx.

My kids have always been fans of General Mills cereals. From Lucky Charms and Trix to Cocoa Puffs and Cookie Crisp, my kids just can’t get enough.

As soon as they saw what was inside, they wanted some. It didn’t matter that it was 3:30 in the afternoon, they wanted the cereal, and they wanted it right then. I gave in, and they each had a handful of dry cereal as a snack. They all gobbled it up instantly. The fabulous thing about cereal is that it’s good any time! Day or night!

This morning, as soon as they woke up, they were ready for more! We set the table, and everyone got their bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and glass of orange juice. They ate in absolute silence – something that only happens when they’re eating something they love!

We know my kids love their cereal. It’s a given. But, as a mom, there are several reasons why I love General Mills Cereals too:

  1. All of my kids LOVE their cereal. Even my pickiest eater will happily eat a bowl of General Mills cereal, and then beg for more. No fighting to get anyone to eat their breakfast.
  2. Their cereals are an excellent source of calcium AND Vitamin D – something that all kids need.
  3. They contain Whole Grains and are actually good for kids!
  4. Their cereal tastes great! Not only do my kids love the taste of General Mills cereals, but my husband and I do as well! Some of them have been favorites since we were kids… and I’m not telling you how long that’s been!

Being a mom to so many, some days it seems impossible to plan a meal that I know everyone will love. I never have that problem at breakfast when I serve General Mills cereal. I know that everyone will eat their breakfast, and they can all get their day off to a healthy start.

Here are some facts you may or may not know about cereal:

  • Are you aware of the recommended amount of calcium and vitamin D your child should get each day? Better yet, did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics recently doubled the vitamin D recommendation for children? Approximately 75% of kids today don’t get the recommended levels of calcium and vitamin D — two key nutrients for bone growth.

  • Not to worry though — as a parent, you can easily help your child get more of these two nutrients by looking for calcium and vitamin D fortified cereals, milk and juice. All General Mills Big G kid cereals (including Kix, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and more) offer a good source of BOTH calcium and vitamin D in each serving.

  • Additionally, a recent report in a leading consumer magazine ranked kid cereals by nutritional content, and all nine General Mills Big G kid cereals included in the report were ranked in the top half. All Big G kid cereals have at least eight grams of whole grain per serving (at least 48 grams are recommended daily), and all have 12 grams or less of sugar per serving.

  • Cereal is one of the most nutritious breakfast options a kid can eat. Most cereals have about 100 – 130 calories per serving and provide at least 10 key nutrients. And, ready-to-eat cereal is the number one source of whole grain in American diets.

Be sure to stop by the General Mills website for yourself. You’ll find awesome recipes, nutritional information, and even a coupon!

Thank you, General Mills, for helping me be proud of what I serve my kids for breakfast. I’m glad to know they’ll be growing up strong!

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    Everyone remembers watching Saturday morning cartoons and seeing cereal ads. Not much has changed since then: the same cadre of animated leprechauns, tigers and bears still pitch all kinds of sugary-sweet cereal.

    But oh my, there are now stricter rules over advertising to kids.

    With childhood obesity on the rise, in order to keep promoting sugar-loaded cereal like Lucky Charms, the food industry has agreed to make kids cereals healthier.

    Under the Canadian Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative, food companies who advertise to kids have to limit sugar content in their cereals to fewer than 12 grams per serving size.

    But is there really less sugar in kids’ cereal bowls now? Wendy Mesley digs into some cereal boxes and pulls out a surprising answer.

    NO!!!! General Mills did not lower the sugar content, they changed the serving size. How disgusting is that?
    Please stop advertising for General Mills.
    Your children deserve a healthy breakfast.
    Check out Wendy Mesley’s tv program on CBC’s Marketplace.
    General Mills are scammers and you have been scammed!
    They gave you a box of garbage cereal to advertise for them…..
    Your children’s health is worth more than a free box of cereal!

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