Get the Royal Treatment with Bella Sara! (Review)

Thanks to Team Mom, Ashley & I had the opportunity to receive some Bella Sara Cards to review. Before I get to the review, here are some facts about Bella Sara.

Bella Sara is a trading card game that’s complemented by the magical online land of North of North – home to the beautiful horses pictured on Bella Sara trading cards. Bella Sara has captured the hearts of young girls across the country, selling more than 83 million cards to date. (That’s a lot of cards!!) This June, Bella Sara is expanding its line of trading cards for girls with Royalty, the ninth series in the popular brand.

  • Bella Sara is the most successful trading card product ever created for girls. It features horse-themed fantasy cards that offer positive, inspirational messages.
  • Royalty, the ninth series in the popular brand, lets you experience the royal realms and fantastic castles in the magical land of North of North.
  • For the first time ever, Sara, the goddess of North of North, is introduced with her very own card.
  • Instead of 5 to 7 codes, as in previous Bella Sara packs, there is now a Bella Sara Ticket Card with one code in each pack. Each card pack includes a Bella Sara Ticket in copper, silver or gold, with each color offering a different level of access. Each ticket will unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms, items for your cottage, and prizes.
  • Royalty also brings new elements to such as royalty-themed activities, noble stories about the magical realms, jigsaw puzzles, downloadable wallpapers and a variety of printable activities.
  • The suggested price of each card pack is only $2.99!

Ashley’s Review of Bella Sara
I couldn’t believe how beautiful the cards were when I opened the packs. I didn’t expect them to be so fancy. Fiona is my favorite horse, and my mom liked the sparkles of the card that had Brioso on it. (Mom likes sparkly things.)

I found the cards with the codes on them and asked mom if I could visit to see what happened. We went to the website and I created a profile. They asked me how old I was and also for my mom’s email. After I filled everything out, I got to look around the website. (With Mom looking over my shoulder the whole time!)

I had a lot of fun picking a horse, playing games, and doing things for my horse. I really like the cards and I hope my mom gets me more for my birthday. I *really* liked the stall that my horse had. It’s nicer than my bedroom!

I think all girls should go check out and ask their moms for some cards. They’re lots of fun!

Monkey Mama’s Review of Bella Sara
I loved how excited Ash was about the cards. The cards were beautiful, and they’re exactly the kind of thing I want my daughter to get hooked on.

I was also very impressed with their website. It loaded quickly, and was tons of fun – for both Ash & I. This is definitely something we could do together.

I also liked that the website asked for my email. I received an email from Bella Sara saying that my child had registered and gave me my own access to the website so that I could check up on Ashley and make sure she was only doing things I wanted her to do.

Overall, I am quite impressed with Bella Sara and will definitely be keeping these cards in mind for birthdays, stocking stuffers, and “just because” gifts.

Thanks, Team Mom, for the chance to try out these cards! We love them!

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