Good news all the way around!

I *finally* got Firefox to work on my computer. I haven’t been able to use it since we switched over to satellite internet. Well, today, I tried again, and it works GREAT! I love Firefox.

We got GREAT news back about Brother Tim!!!! He went in for his heart cath today, and they’ve discovered that his problem is NOT serious. He just needs to cut out the salt, drink more water, and let his heart and the new arteries take some time to grow and strengthen. They’ll be putting him on some medicine to help those arteries, but that’s really it. He should be doing fine soon. Praise the Lord!!

Also, there is a lady in our church who has been battling cancer for some time. Sweet, sweet lady. They found some spots on her liver about a month ago, and they went in Tuesday to operate. They ended up taking out 75% of her liver, but they were encouraged that the spots hadn’t grown at all since they found them a month ago. She will need a lot of time to heal and recover from this surgery, and it will take time for her liver to grow back, (Did you know that it did that? I had no idea!), but overall, the doctors were really, really encouraged by how good everything looked. Praise the Lord again!!!

Good news all around! Thank you all for your prayers for Brother Tim. They meant so much!!

Baby is kicking up a storm tonight, and I am STARVING, but refuse to eat right before I go to bed. Have to head to a Ford dealership tomorrow so we can get our key code for the Expedition, so I’ve got a VERY early morning ahead of me!

Hope I can figure out what the dog-gone problem is with this blog! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

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