Got a phone call this afternoon…..

It was about 3:30, and the phone rang. It was my doctor’s office. They said that my doctor was leaving tonight for a family emergency, and since she wouldn’t be back until Tuesday, she wanted to see me before she left. I told them I could be there by 4:15, and it was set.

I got to the doctor’s office about 4:10, signed in and sat down. At 5:30, they finally called me back. Did the normal – urine check, weight check, blood pressure, temp, etc. Everything checked out ok.

About 5 minutes to 6, the doctor came in. We talked about my asthma, my horrible cold, and my big fat swollen nose. (I’ve never heard a doctor laugh as loud as my doctor did when I told her how badly this swollen nose was bothering me. It was a good laugh, though.)

Then I told her that I was honestly glad that her office had called and she wanted to see me today. Parker hasn’t moved much at all today, and I’ve actually been in panic mode. I didn’t know how I was going to make it until my appointment tomorrow. I had done my kick counts several times today, and each time, it took either right at 2 hours or just below 2 hours to get 10 movements in. We’d been doing so well with kick counts lately, that today just really got to me. So, I told the doctor that if I could just hear the heartbeat and know that he’s ok, I’d feel so much better. She put the doppler on my belly, and there he was, his little heart just fluttering away. She poked at him, and she got him to move, (little stinker! I’d been poking all day!), so I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She said that any time I have a day like today, all I need to do is call her, stop by the office, or just go into the ER. After what we dealt with with Jace, she’s not taking any chances, and would feel better knowing that he’s ok. (As would I.)

Then, she measured my uterus, and it’s finally starting to get where it should be. Last time it was measuring 2 weeks behind. This week, it was only about a week behind, which is GREAT. Thank heavens for that!

I go back in another 2 weeks now. My appointment is on September 11th. I can’t believe that in 2 weeks, it’s going to be September 11th. Time is finally starting to fly!

So, there won’t be a doctor appointment update tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll think of something to post, though…. as long as my internet connection holds out! 🙂

TOTALLY forgot to add……. I HAVE THRUSH! Apparently, my steroid inhaler can cause thrush to form in your mouth. I had NO idea! I brush my teeth after I use it twice a day, but apparently, it’s not enough. I cannot believe that as a grown up, I have this. All of my breast-fed babies have had it, but me?!?!?!?!?!? No way. So, I’ll be doing the gentian violet thing, as well as eating LOTS and LOTS of yogurt. Just crazy!

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