Got Poppin’ with Pop On Pals (Review)

Spin Master is opening up a whole new world of “Popabilities” with their new line of Pop On Pals pets, pals, vehicles, and playsets. Perfect for children ages 2 – 4, children can become anything they want to be with the endless mix n match fun Pop On Pals gives them. A fireman can become a baker, a puppy can become a princess – endless opportunity for fun, creative play that will also help develop fine motor skills.

Thanks to Team Mom and Pop On Pals, I had the opportunity to allow Parker to test out the Pop On Pals Amusement Park Play Set, and it has quickly become his new favorite toy. I love that the “pals” are the perfect size for little hands. Parker can grasp the pal perfectly in his little hand and put her wherever he wants her – in the car, in the ferris wheel, in the dragon swing – it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have any problems holding her, and she’s not so small that I have to worry about him swallowing her – or any part of her.

The park-themed rings that came with the pal cracked me up! The pretty little pal that came with the set instantly transformed into a “strong person” with arms almost as big as her head. Parker loved it, though, and he’s constantly swapping her rings and changing the way she looks.

The amusement park play set is completely interactive with sounds, lights, music, and motion, and it all adds to the fun. The batteries have really lasted a long time, too, given the amount of time Parker (and all the other kids!) have spent playing with the set.

All of the other kids have tried to take their turn playing with the Amusement Park Play Set, but Parker won’t have it. It is his set, and if anyone dares to come near it, they deal with the wrath of Parker. (Which can be pretty scary!) Lucy has quickly learned that if she’s going to get a turn, she’s going to get it while Parker is taking his nap.

The only thing I wish were different is the roller coaster hill on the back. I wish it had a stopper at the bottom. We can’t get it to actually roll off quite right. Too fast, and it flies across the room. Too slow and it crashes and flips at the bottom. Of course, this doesn’t bother the kids at all. It may just be a “mom” thing.

I do absolutely love that the Pop On Pals encourage imaginative play in such a fun way, and I love that they are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. I wish I had had Pop On Pals for all of my kids. Of course, they’re all loving them now, and it doesn’t seem to matter that they’re past the recommended age. There’s just something about watching that car go flying off the back of the roller coaster that’s enough to dissolve them all into giggles.

We will definitely be adding to our Amusement Park Play Set with new pals, pets, and rings. And Parker and I both give Pop On Pals 2 very big thumbs up!

To learn more about Pop On Pals, and to sign up for updates and special offers, head to and start clicking. And if you’re ready to start shopping for Pop On Pals, they’re available at Toys “R” Us, Kmart, Target, Sears, and other fine stores near you.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blog tour on behalf of Team Mom and Pop On Pals, and was sent the items necessary to facilitate my review. I was in no other way compensated for this post, and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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