Got really worried today….

Parker didn’t move much at all today. I’d stop several times to do kick counts, but it would always take right at the 2 hour mark to get the 10 kicks. Lately, it’s been taking 15 minutes or less to get our 10 kicks.

I complained all day to Gene that he wasn’t moving much and I just didn’t get it. I tried everything… Pepsi, Orange Juice, a 3 musketeers bar, lying on my left side. Nothing seemed to help.

We had an early church service this evening, because we borrowed another church to do a baptismal service. I spent most of it praying. All I wanted was for Parker to get a little more active.

On the way home, I made hubby stop at the grocery store. I bought some ice cream and came home and made chocolate milkshakes. I love milkshakes. They’ve been my weakness every pregnancy. Anyway, not 2 minutes after I finished the shake, Parker started doing flips in my belly. He’s been much more active since then as well. Thank the good Lord above!

Guess baby was just having milkshake withdraw. This isn’t going to help my weight gain any! 😉

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