Got to go to the hospital today. (WAY TMI for some, I’m sure!)

During the night, I was leaking something… it soaked completely through 4 overnight maxi pads. I didn’t know if my water had broken, or if I had leaked urine, or what. Because I had nothing to do with the kids, I waited and called the doctor this morning.

She had me come in around 10 am, and she did the test to see if it was amniotic fluid or not. The test came up negative, but she said I had a LOT of discharge, as well as a very relaxed bladder. (Is that ever a good thing? LOL!)

Because I had leaked so much during the night, and because those tests can sometimes be wrong, she sent me to the hospital next door to have my amniotic fluid levels checked.

The u/s tech spent a LOT of time checking the baby, the amount of fluid, everything. It all looks great. Looks like it wasn’t my water, just a lot of discharge and a lot of pee. (So embarrassed!) Go figure. Baby #5, and I can’t tell when I’ve peed on myself.

I did get a couple of really good pictures of Parker. I’m not showing one of them, because it’s of his little boy parts. And, BOY, there is no mistaking at ALL that he is going to be a BOY! His little turtle showed up plain as day. But, I don’t want to be reprimanded for posting porn, or turn on some sicko, so we’ll just keep that shot in the baby book! 😉 Here are the profile shots we got, though:
He’s really looking great. He’s growing right on track, and the u/s measurements even gave us the exact same due date of 10/31 – which never happens. So, he couldn’t be more perfect.

I think I’ve embarrassed myself plenty today, though. At least my husband works nights so I don’t have to make a fool of myself in front of him too much, though.


May the next 8 weeks go quickly. PLEASE.

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    Wow, the ultrasound images look great! And don’t worry, I think we’ve all done that. In fact something similar happened during my last pregnancy, so much that when my water did break my first thought was that I had pee’d myself.

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    Good Luck with the baby. Got you on my blog roll, just an FYI to make you smile. Hope its smooth sailling for you dear. Come by and say hello when you got a chance. Hugs, Robin

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    I’m glad everything is okay and Parker is doing well. Hang in there girl, you are almost there.

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