Gotta Brag for a Minute…

This afternoon, Ashley had an awards ceremony at school. It was the 6th and 7th grade Honor Awards ceremony, and Ash told me she’d be getting an award for having all As. She kept hoping that I could come, but she never pressed me about it. (What she didn’t know was that I had already made plans to be there! I wanted it to be a surprise.)

I loaded up Lucy, Parker, and Gage and we headed to the school. For the first time ever, I ended up getting really good parking. Stuck Gage in my Ergobaby carrier, grabbed Lucy & Parker by the hands, and headed in to the auditorium.

Ashley’s best friend recognized me and shouted across the auditorium to Ash that I was there. Embarrassed to death, Ash wouldn’t even look my direction. She kept right on talking and giggling with her friends.

That’s ok. She’s 13. Mom’s just not cool when you’re 13. Besides, all of her friends know how strict her parents are, so she didn’t want to point me out to any of them.

The ceremony started, and the first awards presented were for having a score of 900 or above on their CRCT tests. (The CRCT is a big deal around here. A really big deal, and they put way too much pressure on the kids to do well on these tests.) After they went through the entire 6th grade, they moved onto the 7th graders. (I hate having a last name that starts with V!) They called Ashley’s name, stating that she had received a perfect score in Science, as well as a score over 900 in Social Studies.) I beamed. Announced it on facebook immediately, and told the world that I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter.

After that, they handed out the general awards for 6th grade, and moved onto the awards for 7th grade. During that time, Ashley also received an award for having all As in her classes, and she also received the “Best All Around” award. (Basically, best all around means you’re an excellent student, you’re kind, respectful, and just a joy to be around.)

I am so proud of Ashley. We really struggled with putting her back into public school after homeschooling, but I truly believe this is exactly what she needed. She is thriving and excelling in every class, and I could not be more proud of her.

Thanks for letting me brag on my girl. My heart is truly overflowing right now!

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    Tamara B. says:

    Congratulations to Ashley she did a fantastic job and so did you 🙂

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