Had a crazy busy day today…..

Lucy and Jace both had their well visits at the doctor today. Unfortunately, they couldn’t put their appointments back to back, so we had to have Lucy’s appointment before their lunch break, and then Jace’s appointment after it.

When it was Lucy’s turn to go back, she bounced back there as excited as could be. She did everything they asked… hopped on the scale, let them measure how tall she was, and even let them take her blood pressure. She was GREAT. The nurses all fawned all over her, and she soaked in every ounce of it. Her appointment went great. She’s just fine, and we’re going to try some different sleeping arrangements to get her to sleep through the night. I’ll probably start them this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes.

After her appointment, we went to McDonald’s for lunch. Jace and Lucy were SO well behaved. (Ashley and Zander stayed home with Daddy.) They ate lunch and we still had over half an hour to kill, so we went into a little “Personalized Creations” store in town. I love that little shop. Lulu has inherited her mother’s love for purses, because she found a little “baby purse” that she promptly put on her shoulder. It was on clearance for $2, so, of course, I bought it for her.

After that, we headed back to the doctor’s office for Jace’s turn. Jace – my daredevil extraordinaire, becomes VERY shy when people approach him. Totally clams up and buries his head in my leg. He did fine with the scale, the measurement, and the blood pressure, but when he had to read from the eye chart, he would only do it by whispering into my ear what he saw. He acted like that the rest of the time. Wouldn’t answer the doctor’s questions, nothing. Drove me crazy, because as a mom, you sit there and wonder if the doctor thinks that everything you’re telling her is a lie. He ended up getting 4 shots, and those did not go over well. He survived, and I let him pick out what we would have for dinner from the grocery store on our way home.

I am absolutely, positively exhausted, though. I have my doctors appointment in the morning, and hubby will be going with me. I’m going to have her set a date in stone for Parker’s induction. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

For now, I am off to bed… and I’m praying Lucy stays down for at least the next 4 hours so that I can function tomorrow.

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