Had a GREAT day yesterday….

My goal was to make up for Ashley’s really crappy birthday. I still feel awful that I was in hte hospital, and her birthday wasn’t as celebrated as it should have been.

My mom bought Ashley a horseback ride at a local stable. I was bummed that I couldn’t go, but she and Gene did, and apparently she had quite a blast. She’s always been so into horses, and this was the perfect gift for her. It turns out that we know the guy that was their guide, and he told us to ask for him next time and he’d get us a discount. Now, how cool is that? So, once Parker is born, and I actually feel like sitting on a horse, Ash and I will go riding. Fun, fun!!

After her horseback ride, we had lunch, and stopped to buy some icing for her birthday cake. (She asked me to make her cake this year… chocolate cake with chocolate icing… my kind of cake!) 🙂 We found some at the grocery store, then headed home and just chilled for awhile.

Then, we started making the fried “chicken on the bone” and ranch potatoes that she wanted for her special birthday dinner. If you’ve never had ranch potatoes, and want a REALLY good recipe, let me know. They are a favorite of everyone in the house… even our boys who are the pickiest kids on earth! Anyway, we got her dinner made and then made her cake.

After dinner, we headed up to Granny and Pa’s for the cake and some presents. The kids played ball outside for awhile, then we headed in and had the cake. Pretty darn good cake, but the icing was a flop. Luckily, I got some number candles, so her cake wasn’t too boring. Poor kid. She’ll never ask me to make a cake for her again!

She opened a few presents from Gma & Gpa and Aaron & Kim, and then we headed home.

We put the kids to bed, and Gene and I snuggled on the couch and watched a Hallmark movie. It was SO quiet in the house, and it was so nice to just sit and relax for awhile.

I think we did an ok job of making up for her birthday. It didn’t cost us any money, but she still seemed to enjoy the attention and have a really great day.

Hopefully next year will be even better for her.

My goal is to take her birthday portraits tomorrow, so I’ll have some to share with you soon!

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    Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!

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