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I’ve been visiting my friend Lindsey’s blog – Kindred Spirit Mommy – a lot lately, and every time I stop by, it seems like that girl is making something new. I love getting crafty, but I never get time to do it anymore. That, and I’m really good at making gifts for baby girls. Since I’m having a boy, I’m kind of stumped as to what I can make for him and have been in a crafting ‘rut’ lately.

Last week, our area got hammered with snow and ice. Down here, they don’t have the equipment to deal with severe winter weather, so when it snows, you’re stuck. The kids were off school for days, and we were completely stuck in our house. I was frustrated, tired, and needed to do something, so I decided to make some gifts for a friend of mine that was due with a baby girl. I wanted to wait and give her the gifts at the hospital, and since she sometimes reads my blog, I didn’t want to risk her seeing the gifts and having the surprise ruined. Since she had her baby girl on Monday morning, and I’ve already stopped by the hospital to give her the gifts, I can finally share my craftiness with you all!

First, I made her a custom travel wipes case. These are one of my favorite things to make. In fact, it’s one of the only things I’ve made for my baby-to-be. We picked out our diaper bag recently, and I wanted a travel wipes case to match it. The one pictured below, though, is the one I made for my friend. Her diaper bag is black and white, but I know she loves pink, so I wanted to add a pop of color… and of course, some sparkles. After all, every baby girl deserves sparkles. Here’s the result:

The other item I made her is my absolute favorite thing to make for little girls: A Bow Bouquet. Every “flower” and leaf on the wooden stems are hairbows that can be worn in your little girl’s hair. The bouquet just gives you a cute place to store them all. And, since I knew my friend’s baby’s nursery had a garden theme – and that her momma was dying to get some hairbows, I just had to make this for her. Look how cute it turned out:

Sigh. I love making gifts for baby girls. It’s so much fun, and I can unleash my creativity and just let it flow.

Are you the crafty type? Would you rather make a gift for someone or buy it? What kind of things have you been making lately? (It is the holidays, and handmade gifts are my favorites, so I want to hear!)

And if you could, give me some ideas of things I can make for this baby boy. I’ve got less than 3 months to go, and I need to get on the ball!

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    Oh my goodness, that Bow Bouquet is simply ADORABLE! Why aren’t you selling these… I’ve never seen them anywhere and love the idea!

    I want tutorials. 🙂 I’ve never made a wipes case like that, love it!

    • 2

      Thanks! 🙂 I used to have the bow bouquets for sale on my designs website, but after two years, I hadn’t sold ANY. It was very discouraging, so now I just give them as gifts. A friend told me I should take a bunch to the hospital and see if they’d sell them in the gift shop, but I don’t have the courage to do that.

      I can whip up a tutorial for the wipes cases sometime… they’re the easiest things in the word to make!


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