Happy 6th Birthday, Jace!

JaceIt’s so hard to believe that Jace is six years old today. It seems like yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital.

Jace was definitely our biggest surprise. A few months after Zander was born, he started refusing my milk. (He was exclusively breastfed.) I couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I turned to the ladies on my Moms Message Board. One of them suggested that I might be pregnant and I should take a test. I laughed (literally out loud) and typed that I hadn’t even started my cycle again since Zander was born. She still thought I should test anyway, and then the rest of the ladies started chiming in that I needed to test. I decided to test, just to prove them all wrong. Only, I didn’t prove them wrong, I proved myself wrong! There was no mistaking that second pink line on the test.

Shock set in, and I just couldn’t believe that I was pregnant. I spent the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy in a daze. I had a very young baby that I was taking care of, and now I was going to have another one? They would be 13 months apart in age. Crazy.

I ended up having a rough pregnancy with Jace. Started pre-term labor at 28 weeks, and was on constant bed rest. I was miserable all the time. Finally, the doctor scheduled my induction date for September 2, 2004. I would be 39 weeks along at that time, and it should be safe to deliver.

Here’s the birthstory that I posted on my Mom’s board back in 2004….

We left our house around 7:15 and got to the hospital about 7:45 Thursday morning. We went straight to the admissions department, and, of course, there was an extremely long wait. By the time they got me checked in and up to my room, it was after 8:30. They had me put on a gown and climb into bed. The nurse came in, then decided she’d “be right back.” So, Gene and I just sat there and waited. We heard them wheeling another girl to her room, and all of a sudden, we hear, “OH MY GOD! MY WATER BROKE!” Not 10 seconds later, we hear a baby crying. The poor girl didn’t even make it to her room! She delivered a healthy baby girl right outside our doorway! They had to cut her pants off real quick to get the baby! Could you even imagine????

Anyway, after all of the nurses recovered from THAT excitement, it was about 10:00, so the nurse finally decided to give ME a little attention! She started fluids right away, then turned on the pitocin around 10:30. I had already been contracting (go figure) so they didn’t turn up the pitocin very high. About 11:30, my doctor came in and checked me. He said I was still between 4.5 – 5, so he told me he’d break my water and we’d have a baby by 5 pm! He told me that because I was already about 5cm, I could have my epidural as soon as the contractions got uncomfortable. Not 5 minutes after he left, they became unbearable. So, the nurse called for the epi, and it took him until NOON to get there! Gene wasn’t allowed to be in the room while they put in my epi, so they sent him to the waiting room. Once the epi guy got there, he put the epi in and it didn’t take!!!!! The contractions were coming one on top of the other, and hurt like heck. He fooled around with it for about half an hour, 45 minutes, and still couldn’t get it to take. So, he ripped it out, and put in a new one. After fiddling around with the second one for what seemed like forever, he finally got my legs numb, but my tummy and girly parts weren’t even close. As he left the room to get his partner to figure out what was going on, I was crying so hard I couldn’t stand it, and the nurse decided to check my cervix. Only, there WAS no cervix – the baby’s head was crowning, and he was ready to come! So, she runs over to the phone, gets every one in there (I’ve never seen people move so fast! LOL!) and we all prayed that the doctor would make it in time! (Luckily, he did!) They grabbed Gene out of the waiting room, and I squeezed his hand so hard that he thought I was going to break it! The baby arrives, and all of a sudden, I hear my doctor say, “Oh my god.” That was it – no explanation – nothing.

Then, the baby started to cry, and I could just feel the relief wash over the entire room! He proudly announced that it was a boy, but they needed to get him checked out and then I could hold him. The doctor then showed me the knot in the umbilical cord, and proceeded to tell me that if it had been ANY tighter, or if we had waited even one more day to induce, the baby wouldn’t have survived. I cried and cried and cried! He is definitely my miracle baby. But, Jace passes his apgars with 9’s both times, and looks just as healthy as a little horse with a BIG ROUND head!

Jace weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces at birth, and seemed so big. We could barely snap the 0-3 month outfit we had brought along. To date, he’s still my biggest baby, and probably the reason my hips and rear look the way they do.

Here’s a picture of our family back then…

My little family sure has grown since then, wouldn’t you say?

Happy Birthday, Jace! I love you so much, and I am so proud of you. You are doing so well in Kindergarten, and I love hearing all the wonderful things your teacher has to say about you. You are such a sweet, amazing boy, and I am so lucky I get to be your Mom. Stay as kind as you are, and keep your life in God’s hands, and He’ll always take care of you.

Enjoy your special day, sweetie! You deserve to have a fabulous birthday!

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    Veronica Lee says:

    Happy Birthday to Jace!

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    Jace Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday times six to you.
    May God bless you the rest of the way through your whole sixth birthday year too.
    God Bless you now and forever.

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